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Do I sell AH-D7000 or PS-500 to make room for Audeze LCD2.2?

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Hi - I currently have both the Grado PS-500 and Denon D7000 and, as you may have guessed, am a fan of the more 'fun' sounding headphones preferably with a fair amount of bass. To this end, I would very much like to buy a 2nd hand Audeze LCD2.2 but will have to sell 1 of the current sets to raise the funds.


Can anyone who has heard all these headphones offer some advice re whether the D7000 or PS-500 should go, I guess I'm looking to ditch the one that has the closest sound signature to the LCD.


Set-up is an EAR hp4 amp with source being modified technics 1210s, lehmann black cube twin phonostage and modified Urei 1620LE.


Any advice would be gratefully received.



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Ditch the Denons ASAP.

Their bass sounds too wooly and you can get more loot for the Audeze. purchase.

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I've had both as well and would keep the 500 if it were me.  LCD will have better bass than the 7000 but you need a Grado for fun.

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he said he enjoys fun sounding headphones. the d7000 are like the fun version of the LCD-2, the LCD-2 are more refined but not as fun in the bass and treble. they still sound really different though


no headphones does fun like a denon, he should keep that one.

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

Ditch the Denons ASAP.

Their bass sounds too wooly and you can get more loot for the Audeze. purchase.

I'm with wink here.

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Originally Posted by MacedonianHero View Post

I'm with wink here.

Second this. You can get major loot for the D7K right now if you sell them on eBay. I sold my pair awhile back for 950, which would basically cover the amount needed for a pair of LCD-2 + Aftermarket cable. You won't get too much for the Grados imo. 

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did the same thing, got about 950 after shipping and everything as well. was enough for HE-500 + cable, would be enough for used LCD-2 + cable as well.

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wait for the Audeze closed can to be launched ....

then pick up the LCD2. if u must.

but i wont buy a LCD.

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I've not heard the D7000 but I own the PS500 and the T1 and I wouldn't part with the Grado for anything. You'd get more money for the Denon too. I've seen them go on eBay for more than what they used to cost brand new.
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Agree with dubstep girl. The denon is like a fun lcd2. Id keep it.
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I personally enjoyed LCD-2 quite a lot... They are like D7000 done right.


I have no problem with comparing LCD-2 to HD800 (even though HD800 are clearly better to my ears). That said, I find it silly to even think about D7000 touching real high-end offerings. D7000 are not fun at all, IMHO, their bass is completely unrealistic, treble very peaky and thin, mids unfortunately recessed =/ Folks who think that D7000 are suitable for rock or metal (and there are quite a few on head-fi) don't really know what rock or metal is about... Maybe I am strange but I expect from headphones realistic rendering of instruments, not some strange blend of subwooferish bass and brightness o_O And btw, D7000 do not even sound good with pop or acoustic... I haven't tried to play some classical though, LOL

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So basically if you already hate the d7000 sell it, otherwise ignore rusta who knows way more about rock and metal than you ( if u llike the d7000).
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Do you prefer the D7000 to the PS500? That's probably the simplest way to answer this question,
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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post. Some very useful views expressed even if I'm still a little unsure which way to go...


For the avoidance of doubt I do really like both sets of headphone and would happily keep both if funds allow but would like to try moving up the pecking order from the 'very good' to the 'excellent' - and the majority of reviews do seem to suggest that the LCD2.2 are that. 


The D700's U shaped presentation is fine for me, I don't have a problem with the treble but on occasions the woof-woof bass can get in the way, whereas the PS-500s seem to have a more balanced sound than other Grados with more bass, less treble, a midrange that shows where the D7000 is lacking and an overall in-yer-faceness that sounds 'fun' but not in the U-shaped Denon way.


I'm veering between selling the D7000, selling both and being done with it or keeping both for the time being and somehow temporarily finding the funds for the LCD2.2s, and then selling once i've had a chance to check out the LCDs and see if they really are the D7000 'done right'. 

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I don't think the 7000 is a fun headphone!

I think the D5000 is a fun headphone, the 7000 is sometimes too serious for me.

He's the audiophile HP under the Denon Dxxxx series.


My opinion.

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