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Seems the 2W 2.4kohm resistor on Dustin's mouser project is only available in quantities of a 1000. Same with the knob. You guys have any ideas? I can't wait to build this smily_headphones1.gif
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I couldn't get capacitators C1 and C6 (680UF) so I used 470UF 63V I had. I hope it won't effect the audio :)



I have a question about potentiometer.


I couldn't get a potentiometer that fits on PCB in local store.


Probably I would have to order it from mouser or farnell.


Which one did you guys use, do you have any tips about buying one ?




I still need tubes and tubes sockets. Gonna order it from ebay soon.


now i am working on enclousre. Its gonna be made out of plywood :)

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Going through my parts, I have two IRL510's. Would these be okay to use?
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Got my boards today! Thanks Howard!
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Sent a PM earlier for a couple....looking forward to building this!

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My project stopped for a bit. I still need a potentiomete (I don't know which one to order), Tubes and sockets for them.


At the moment I am working on CmoyBBs :)

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I will have a couple of boards, Fred, if there is any left. PM Sent.



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Thanks, Fred!  Board looks great!

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