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Hey muskyhuntr, what do you use for the words on the case? It looks neat. Also do you use a led for the power and if so where does it go in the pcb?



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Hi All;


Finally finished my Starving Student.  If I had to describe this project with one word, it would be 'surprise'.  With no break in, this thing sounds good even with my cheap break in phones.

Here are a few pictures of the final product.





Not at all, it's just I prefer the 2D puzzle myself at least for now, maybe because it's easier. Also feels more sturdy with a pcb.



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Something went wrong? I really enjoy building P2P. It's like a challenging 3D puzzle and you can be very creative solving it.

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The lettering on both the front and rear panel was done by Front Panel Express, who also did the metal work.  The LED is connected to the power input at the switch.  You can barely see where the resistor is on the right. It is covered in shrink wrap.



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Well I've re-build the amp with the new pcb into a small cardbox until I can make or find a decent enclosure. It finally sounds alright! I knew there was something wrong with my p2p build, it sounded very harsh, now it's totally different. I'm really glad I bought the PCB, thanks again Fred.


I'm also thinking of getting a new pot because mine doesn't fit in the PCB and I'd like to avoid cables if possible.




Do you think this one will fit with the PCB? I can't find much info on it.

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The size is right but the taper needs to be LOG




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