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Buying from Amazon

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Hi all,

First post here, but been reading a lot. I've just bought a set of Audio-Technica ATH-M50s on Amazon. Best price I could find. Last night I happened to check Audio Technica's website and come to find that Amazon is not an authorized seller. So now I am concerned that when they arrive I will have purchased a set of fake phones. I did not buy from an Amazon reseller (at least I don't think I did). It stated Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. So I have questions:

  1. How legitimate is Amazon, and what are the chances that my phones will be fakes (or refurbs)?
  2. When they do arrive, is there anything about the appearance that will tell me if they are real or fake?


I have learned a lot about headphones while perusing this site. I have been educated and baffled at the same time!! I recently purchased a set of Bose MIE2 and after an hour listening on a flight I came to the realization that I never want to wear in-ears again.


Went with the M50s because it seems that for my price range these phones received a higher ratio of positive reviews to negative than any other headphone. I know they're not noise-cancelling but I'm fine with that. Thanks to all for any advice you can offer. Looking forward to my time on the forum



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Just check reviews and what not, ask us about 'phones that strike your fancy, and your all set.

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Thanks. Man, I'm glad I didn't decide to fork out 6 or 7 hundred on a set of headphones. I would drive myself crazy with research!!


Was on a live chat with an amazon rep this morning. At the same time I was exchanging emails with an Audio Tech rep. The AT rep wants me to contact me when the headphones arrive. He says some pictures of the box they came in will allow him to determine if they are authentic. He also stated that Amazon is NOT an authorized reseller. He also sad he is NOT aware of Amazon selling any fake ATH-M50s.


The amazon rep tried to assure me that they get their supply from Audio Tech, and are an authorized dealer. I told him that Audio Tech says Amazon is NOT an authorized dealer. His reply?  "Sorry you feel that way". I will let you know what AT says after the headphones arrive.


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I have been told the same thing.  they're bypassing the north american distributor so that they can sell at a lower price than anyone else.  the phones are real just don't expect any warranty support

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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post

.  the phones are real just don't expect any warranty support

Hopefully I won't need any warranty support!! But if I do, the AT tech says that the warranty is good if they were purchased in the U.S.

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Hello all,

Just an update on this thread in case someone might find this information useful. Audio Technica sent me this email to tell me what they need to see to determine if the headphones are authentic:


"On the back of the box (where there information about the headphones in different languages), in the lower, right-hand corner of the box, there will be the UPC code. Around that should be two stickers- One with 4 digits, while the other is a smaller bar-coded sticker. The numbers on those 2 stickers are what I need to see"


So if you're wondering if your Audio Technicas are legit, email this info off to them and they will let you know within a matter of a few hours. I just took a picture of the stickers and they used this info to link my headphones to a shipment date, and a dealer that supplies Amazon to determine they were authentic. Take care.



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I have purchased a Bose Triport from Amazon before that was a fake. 


Fortunately, the Amazon staff was responsive and cooperative. Returned them and got my refund, 


They even asked to attach my reasons behind my conclusion of the fake headphones so that they can take action against the seller. 


Earned my trust and confidence :)

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Some of those who make the fakes do an incredible job appearance wise!! In some cases it takes a pretty keen eye to spot differences.

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Originally Posted by GreatCanadian View Post

Some of those who make the fakes do an incredible job appearance wise!! In some cases it takes a pretty keen eye to spot differences.


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