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Best Noise Isolating

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So I need the help of experts. I don't know much about this stuff. But I am sick of shelling money out trying to find the perfect earphones. I bought a pair of sennheiser cx 300b MKll and they got here yesterday. So I took them to work and I ripped them bad after only a few hours of use. It's good that I didn't love them. They weren't better than the 250's I have been buying for a while, I'd say there were almost the same, except they are 20 bucks more.


Anyways, I am looking for a pair of earphones (no wrap around ear) that has the best of the best noise isolation. I work with loud machinery 70-120dB all day so this is important to me not only to listen to music, but also to make sure I won't go deaf later down the road. Sound quality is really not important to me, I actually listen to talk radio most of the time. Fitting is very important as well as almost every earphones I have bought always fall out of my ear with a slight tug on the cord. And durability is important as well as I work outdoors so they tend to get damaged more. Oh, and if they are asymmetrical cords, even better but if not that's ok too. And price range would be not over 100$.


So, to sum it up:


1. Noise isolation

2. Snug fit

3. Durable

4. under 100$


Not Important-

Sound quality


I had been looking at the Etymotic MC5, and I was almost about to buy them. But then reading some bad reviews it really made me think twice so I decided to come to you guys and see if maybe someone could point me to the perfect earphones for me.

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First off -

Multi-IEM Review - 281 IEMs compared (VSonic GR07 BE and R02 Silver Added 05/15/13 p.688)

In case you haven't found these - other places to ask questions regarding portable gear.

I understand the practicality aspects, but is sound being taken into consideration? In which case, any thoughts on sound preferences, a signature that you might be looking for in general?
The SE215 with Olive tips might work out in terms of isolation and durability (the shells, that is - the cable is thick but the removable connector might be a bit iffy). Otherwise the ER4P would have fit as well considering the build aspects, but that's way over budget so very much irrelevant.
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Aw crap sorry, I was in a rush trying to get this out and didn't read stickies. Anyways sound is not anything I really care about as long as it's decent, I don't want utter trash sound either.
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Yeah, Shure SE215 isolate a lot of noise. 

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The UE 500's by Logitech have a snug, noise-isolating fit.

But I have no other experience with IEM's.
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The etymotics are in a different class altogether in my opinion. Hf-series are very good, just try and get one with angled jack ad that's the weak point. They are very bass light though, really bright compared to the sennheisers you use.
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