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To bass boost or not

Poll Results: Do you like music bass boosted?

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Hey guys, I know nothing about computers or audio tech itself. But I absolutely love music. 


So I listen to mostly electronic music and alternative music like the Gorillaz and Imagine Dragons. I appreciate bass, because I love feeling my headphones thump on my head, and vibrate back and forth. I just think that's such a cool sensation. 


I have an HP DV6T Pavilion laptop and ATH M50's. The soundcard is just the standard installed one.

So I'm wondering - if anyone else has experience, do you prefer your music with the sound card bass booster on or not?

It sacrifices treble, and takes away that "edge" - the sharpness - from the music, but at the same time, adds the cool bass effect.



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Yes I like a good amount of bass, why I own digiZoid ZO bass boost amps with 32-lvl bass adjustment. :p I share your opinion regarding feeling the thumping, I mostly listen to hardstyle where I want to feel the bass, not just hear it as it becomes so much more satisfactory to get that slight amount ear-tickling sensation. Needs quite large boost before that starts happening unless you blast your music which I don't like doing why I need a good amount of boost to get that sensation at lower listening levels.

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