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My sansa fuze 8gb is on its death bed so I have begun looking at replacing it. Currently, with an 8gb sd card (so a total 16gb) I can barely fit all my music on, so whatever player I buy has to be at least 16gb or have an expandable memory. My main complaint with the fuze was its durability (I keep it in my pocket and backpack every day). I also had a bit of trouble with the firmware, the "refreshing your media" is annoying and a few problems arose with the SD Card.


Budget: $150

Looking for: Something small and not too bulky (Must fit easily in my pocket), Must be durable

Considering: I am currently looking at either the Zune 16gb, Zune 30gb, Another Sansa Fuze 8gb, Ipod Nano 16gb (4th gen)


I am open to all suggestions, what would be the best and why? Thanks in advance.