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Why can't I bring myself to like the DT880's? - Page 2

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I also found the DT880 to be neutral, clinical, and ultimately boring. I just couldn't get into the music, felt very detached. I ended up picking up the HD 650 to better compliment my Grado 325i's and I'm very happy with the pair, two very different sounding headphones. FWIW I was driving the DT880's with the Schiit Valhalla, so maybe I could have warmed up the sound a bit more with a different tube amp, but I don't think it would have gotten anywhere close to the warm, intimate sound of the 650's. 

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It only makes sense that a fun phone like the DT990 would make more sense. Also, it would make sense...


That makes sense.  tongue.gif


Incidentally, I'm getting to the point where when a headphone is described as "boring" I'm greatly attracted to it. One of my favourite phones has always been the Senn HD595, which is often described as boring. I'm now using, and loving, the DT880, which is variously described by those who don't care for it as boring or clinical. Clearly this is the sound I prefer; I've found other, very popular phones to be coloured to the point of unlistenability.

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I've grown to love and adore my DT880 250ohm. I've been stuck in the world of colored headphones such as the HD280 Pro even though it's considered use is "monitoring applications" it has a huge sub-frequency bass spike in the low end and ruins my recordings where the highs and mids are supposed to be more pronounced. My listening setup is this: HT OMEGA Claro + PC sound card(source) >> Schiit Asgard 2 >> DT880 250 ohm. I've heard from many people that the Asgard 2 is considered to be warmer sounding than the LYR and the Valhalla and it's also a solid state!! :O maybe give that a try? It made my DT880s less sterile sounding than they used to, now I can sit back and melt away into audio heaven. When I wanna listen to trunk bumping bass I whip out my blue tack modded Sennheiser HD280 Pros(which people on these forums seem to bash on a lot although reviews from 2005-2008 say much better things) times have changed I know..

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