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OKay so this is my first post in this forum.

I have recently been trying to decide on a new portable music player and after 2 weeks of searching and comparing i am at my wits end, maybe you guys could help me.


i have had an ipod 5th generation classic for 2 years, but this died about 9 months ago and since i have been making do with a 2nd gen ipod classic, which has been a source of never ending annoyance (freezing, skipping)angry_face.gif until it finally broke two weeks ago, ever since i have been using my old school sony portable cd player. hahatongue.gif


So now i am faced with the task of finding a worthy player, i have looked at the whole Cowon range and quite liked the j3 and the x9.




Basically if you could suggest anything with the following features i would appreciate it alot.


1.Most important: sound quality, something that sounds better than an ipod (if possible)

2. Memory i need a high storage is preffered(or micro sd slot)

3. build as i would hate to have to  buy another or get it repaired after buying a new player.



I have been looking at the Cowon x7,X9 and J3.


Was impressed by the reports of sound quality in the x7 however was put off by the reports of easy breakage and that the gapless playback stopped working when the screen went off. The x9 looks good and i like the long battery life but am unsure,. i also like the J3 and have found a seller, however this is more expensive than the x9 despite it having less storage. 


Also: i have heard reports of low hiss from certain Cowon products is this true and if so is there anything you can do to stop this. As well as Cowon products have problems with syncing to macs? 


Colorfly c4 looks amazing but is way out of my price range, the c3 looks cool but i didnt really find any reviews to convince me it was better than Cowon.

Anything Ive missed out and other products and input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



P.S. Not too fussed about all the "jazzy" touch screen features and playing videos. I want a high sound quality and gapless playback would be nice.o2smile.gif