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Originally Posted by zenpunk View Post

I was also surprised how much the HD800's sound was transformed through the HPA-21. Personally I didn't like it but the main thing is that your having fun.

I am rocking the TH600 with the Bakoon for the past few days and already considering upgrading to the Th900. :rolleyes:



Yeah, I'm sure the sound is not for everyone. My sweet W4S DAC-2 se might have something to do with it!  :wink_face: 

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LCD-X in da house! :beerchug:




I’ve done some findings concerning HPA-21 and LCD-X. I’ll be back...

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The amp sure does look nice.
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Originally Posted by Androb View Post

The amp sure does look nice.

Agreed! :beerchug:


If you visit the Stockholm High End Show in February it will most probably be there, as will I (working as a host). I will maybe bring my LCD-X too...

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Originally Posted by CanDude View Post

Agreed! beerchug.gif

If you visit the Stockholm High End Show in February it will most probably be there, as will I (working as a host). I will maybe bring my LCD-X too...
I would love to come visit that show! Listen to the lcd-x aswell would be nice since im saving up for the lcd-3 smily_headphones1.gif
My parents thinking of visiting stockholm aswell in a while so can try to convince them, dad loves hifi aswell so probably not any problems :P
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Bring the LCD-X and I will come as well! :)

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does anyone has news about the Bakoon DAC that should pair with the HPA-21 : The DAC-21 ?  


Indeed, It make sense for me to purchase a HPA-21 only if I can also gat the associated battery operated DAC, (with same look & footprint) to built a complete Transportable "DAC/AMP solution" Running on battery.


thanks in advance for sharing any info you may have



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^ Didn't you already ask that question a few pages back?

From what little I've read, the main idea behind Bakoon's Satri-Link concept is not battery power, but escaping the so-called "confines" of voltage conversion altogether. I doubt Bakoon had transportability in mind when designing the series. For more info, you'll probably have to ask someone based in Japan or Korea to raid Bakoon's HQ and interrogate the engineers, or maybe get a Japanese speaking acquaintance to translate what they can find in print magazines.
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Ok, been enjoying my Bakoon/HD800 combo for a while now. Unfortunately I had sold my LCD-3's before acquiring

the HPA-21. Due to it's clamping pressure. Just could not get comfortable with them. Wishing I had a chance to 

try the LCD-3, what with so many raving about the synergy between the two.


So, I just bought another pair! What is wrong with me??


Well, I got them today, and have been letting them burn in, (not really convinced that planers actually benefit from this),

but it can't hurt. Funny thing is, this pair which has a birth date of 11/16/13, do not clamp my head with as much pressure!

Not sure if this is just a fluke, or the guys at Audeze have been listening to user complaints along these lines and have

made some adjustments.


After a few hours I fired up my Bakoon and let it warm up for 10 minutes. I must say I do like what I am

hearing. Could tell right away that the LCD-3's mids were more forward than the HD800's, and the highs were more

tame than the HD800's, and of course, more bass. But all in a good way. I am purposely not playing any hi-rez or

DSD tracks at this point, only Redbook flack rips with no compression using dBpoweramp. This because the 

Bakoon is able to make normal Redbook CD's sound quite stunning!


I will be posting more impressions as I go along and I do have a Q cable coming for them in a week or so, with

the cool new Terrazzo barrels that Steve is offering now. Also ordered some Terrazzo barreled interconnects to 

see how they sound compared to the 22 gauge solid silvers I am using now.


Here's a pic of the new barrel design, very cool!



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I have heard all the LCDs on numerous occasions and I never been too impressed by them. Well, that was  until i tried the LCD-3 on my Bakoon. I am now considering getting a LCD-X, although comfort was already an issue during my short session so still undecided.

I think I am going to wait for the new Oppo planar and the new AKG to be available and then will make a final decision.

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LCD-3 is sooo yesterday! :evil:


My LCD-3 are for me now what my LCD-2 where for me after I bought my LCD-3, sort of. Hm, funny how fast you get used to an improved SQ... :blink:

When I now and then switch to LCD-3 I recognize that "old" sound, a little bit more sub-bass and creamier mids but attenuated treble unless I use some eq. With eq they sound ok but without the clarity, bass control, dynamics, fast attacks etc. that my precious beautiful black LCD-X have!


I will put my LCD-3 in their case and forget about them. Occasionally I will use my HD800 for a different sound. LCD-X have kind of a "Bakoon effect" on your headphone listening IMO. LCD-X are also more comfortable than my LCD-3, although a tiny bit heavier. However my old LCD-3 earpads are worn out and I've maybe bent the headband a little bit too much, so...


Note that you still have that "Audeze" sound with LCD-X. Sometimes I miss the added brightness I get when plugging LCD-X into Hilo's built-in amp or BHA-1. But HPA-21 has much more control! HPA-21 + LCD-X are a perfect pair! :beerchug: 


Sorry for your wallets...

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Originally Posted by kurochin View Post

I made an earlier post assuming that the sound of the Bakoon wouldn't be for me. Well, I had the HPA-21 for a week-long audition, and I take everything back. It's probably the best solid-state amp I've heard.

It's a wonderful amp with the Fostex TH900. A lot of reviews talk about linearity and neutrality of it's presentation, but I think it's actually slight U-shaped. Clearly a solid-state type of sound, but not as up-front or in-yer-face as a Burson Soloist, for example.

Also had a LCD-3 (loaner) to try out, and it sounded great. On the TH900 however, the HPA-21 was simply magnificent. It retained the TH900's bass impact and probably brought out a bit more bass layering. Also moved the mids forward a tad and controlled treble effortlessly. Lots of detail and 'sparkle' but never overpowering (I'm allergic to brightness).

Most impressive was the depth it added to the soundstage. I often find that many headphones with ultra-wide soundstages tend to sound a tad aloof and impersonal for my tastes (HD800 or HE-6 being the prime culprits), which is why I like the balance between intimacy and imaging that the Fostex and Audeze headphones provide. The HPA-21 kept those qualities but gave the sound more depth, particularly the midrange. In the TH900's case, it also added a bit of weight to the upper mids which I found most pleasing.

Then there's the sheer detail presented. I use a pretty humble Bladelius USB DAC, which isn't the most resolving thing in the world, but (in my opinion) produces a very organic, analog sound. I'm not really a stickler for outright resolution. On the Bakoon however, it was downright shocking how much more detail I heard compared to other amps, whether less expensive Bursons or the Violectric V200, or even against pricier more-money-than-sense brands (I'm not mentioning names). Also equally shocking was how musical it all sounded without much added colouration. Some amps tend to fight the headphones in terms of sound signature, and you're usually stuck with one side winning out, or worse, a compromise between the two EQs that adds a veil on top of the music. The LCD-3 and TH900 are already quite coloured in terms of their respective house sounds, so in this case the Bakoon presenting extra detail without much colouration was quite pleasing, but it's best quality was that it never once attempted to 'neutralize' either headphone's natural EQ.

I've not had an opportunity to try out the JDM Bakoons or the much-loved GS-X mk2 yet, but I have tried some other supposedly high-end $5K+ amps, and I don't remember them (again, not going to mention the brand names, cos some people might get angsty) sounding as good as what the Bakoon's current output provided. This Akira Nagai chap is clearly on to something. The HPA-21 is currently on top of my want list, though I still really hope to have a go with the Headamp GS-X mk2 one day.

Haven't made a concrete decision yet, but I've started saving money nonetheless.

Wow. A sensible review.



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Originally Posted by Shaka View Post


I recently got my LCD-3 and looking to add headphone amp in the next month or two.
My shortlist was mainly the Conductor or the NAIM DAC-V1, mainly for the convenience of an all-in-one solution but also because I can easily demo them at a couple of local dealers.
Have been reading about the HPA-21 with great interest over the past few days.
It's more than what I was planning on spending and I'd have to get a separate DAC. I've managed to locate a national dealer who can order one for me and has offered a reasonable price for it. So I may consider it, but it would have to be bought on the strength of reviews alone ...
Can I ask what people are using as a DAC with this? If I got this could I get away with using a budget/portable DAC for the short term?


Who is the UK dealer? If you could PM me the details :-)
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looked hard at this bakoon hpa-1 and the other ones ( alo studio six and dark star ) . the battery and charging kinda put me off buying the bakoon . i know the SQ is nice as per reviews but the hassle of the battery i cant deal wit i guess.

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no more news about this AUDEZE DDA-1 DAC/AMP/DSP prototype ?  It could be a serious competitor to Bakoon to drive an LCD !




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