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Beats Audio in the HTC One

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So I've heard this is the place to be when there's a question about audio. Well I just got the HTC One about a week ago, and Beats Audio is on it... does anyone else here have the HTC One? Do you keep the Beats on? The bass is indeed pretty nice, but any highs are poorly output I think... I've been testing it on and off with tons of different songs, and I can't just plain say Beats on or off is better or worse, I think it mainly depends on what your listening to?

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There is an HTC-One thread in Portable Source Gear if you would like to check that out.

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Allegedly it's just an EQ preset.  (Though doesn't the phone come with earbuds? Is it tailored to fix the response of those?  I don't know.)


If you're curious, you could probably find some computer, load RMAA on that, load the test .wav file on the phone, connect the phone to the audio input of the computer, and run that to test (or some similar procedure, but this is easier if you don't already have existing audio benchmark hardware or software, which you probably don't).  Run with Beats on and with it off.


Or actually, there are plenty of forums outside head-fi about phones, and somebody maybe have written about this stuff already.  Or in the head-fi thread.  I haven't checked any of them myself.

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Thanks, I'll look at the other threads around, I googled around and didn't come back with much either. I didn't really know where to post this so I was like, eh, sound science seems fitting enough.

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