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Daft Punk Random Access Memories - Finally

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Seems the album was made available streaming yesterday.  For those who have heard it or those who are curious.


First listen is not at all what I expected, if you've heard Get Lucky it's probably going to be the best known song from the album.  I'm actually a bit relieved because Get Lucky will probably be the only poppy for radio song of the set.


Sexy 70's music is the best way I can describe it. Ignoring their work on the Tron soundtrack, you're not going to find the energy of Discovery or confidence of Homework but at least it's not the half-assed-ness of Human After All.  You can tell they worked hard on this one and they do some cool things I again did not expect.  It's worth a listen if not a purchase I think.


And make sure you listen to it with a decent setup.

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But...i liked Human After All....


Anyway, my favorites have to be: Gorgio by Moroder, Instant Crush, Lose yourself to dance, Get Lucky, Fragments of Time, Doin' it Right, and Contact.

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I've been hearing a lot of "disappointed" impressions on the net and on my Facebook.  I'd say I'm very glad DP decided to hunker down and put out something that clearly showed effort; I can't tell you how let down I was about Human After All which took them something like 6 weeks total to produce and edit.  The marketing for this album is blowing it way out of proportions.  I found this awesome quote from Reddit that really explains the album perfectly:





This album sounds like the music they used to play during sex scenes in 80s action movies..... (the_Male_Noggin)


No, but not bad. I like this description. You know they don't want to distract from the actress that was cast for her rocking body or the general badassery of the hero with a kickass song. So they lay down a smooth track to let a couple heads in the audience subconsciously rock back n forth not knowing whether its bobbing with the tune or the shadows of the bedroom scene as the camera pans away. The audience isn't left with a memory of the song, but they'll say their experience was "nice". (llort_revocrednu)




The production of RAM is pretty darned good too, great for headfonesz.

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RAM sounds completely brilliant. Daft Punk did a CNN interview (audio only) stating that they feel the Electronic music scene has gone "stale" (which is sure the hell has) and that they wanted to release something different and really "evolve" their music out of their strictly electronic sound signature and thus create something new. They did something VERY few bands have been able to do and that's truly evolve their sound and take a big risk in the process. The mark of truly talented musicians is not being afraid to break the "mold".


Plus the mastering on this record is probably some of the best I've heard on my headphones. EXCELLENT sound engineering , thick , pasty but still fully detailed tones on each song. Makes me still wanna dance but also relax and enjoy myself. Its like they took the hyperactive 15 year old teenager out of their sound and went back years later to the 20 something adults they've become since "Human After All".

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I just wanted to add that I agree this is one of the best albums ive ever listened to on headphones.. its go a little bit of everything but almost nothing to do with the edm genre that everyone thought they fit into.. the mastering is amazing.. so much detail is on the album.. I chilled out in my room with the he400's on and the lights off and just got lost to the sound..

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this album is awesome in every way. my cd is on the way from Amazon but i streamed it when it was available on iTunes (still is) like 5 times. can't wait to receive it. 

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Great album..ordered and arriving tomorrow courtesy of Amazon UK ...or is that Ireland....? For tax purposes I now reside on the Isle of Wight and am known as Barbara...biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sneis View Post


And make sure you listen to it with a decent setup.



I was surprised how good the stream from iTunes actually sounded via my HD800's, also tried it with my Amperiors - both sounded good...so ordered the CD last night.

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lucky me I live in Australia, bought the cd from a shop 3 days ago.. I didn't listen to the stream as i still refuse to become itunesd.. however the cd does sound amazing.. id say it would definatly be worth a relisten as theres loads of texture in every sound from all the session musicians samples

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Was HUGELY relieved to see it go up on hdtracks in 88khz/24bit. Downloading it now........

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Originally Posted by pondrr View Post

Was HUGELY relieved to see it go up on hdtracks in 88khz/24bit. Downloading it now........

Someone really needs to come up with a business plan where if I bought the CD, I could get higher res. downloads either for free or for a discounted additional price. 

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Yeah but is it real-deal 88/24-bit?  I guess we'd have to compare waveforms.

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Sadly, I won't have any 44/16 waveforms to compare mine to, and can't really justify buying the CD just to compare.

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Yeah, maybe they just take the CD and upsample it, which would be bunk. 

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Got the CD copy today.

golly i cant stop listening to the album, it makes my bus-trips to school so much better. "Music makes my seemingly dull school bus trips feel better"

Burned it to Apple Lossless.. but its still very nice to listen to.

I really like it! the songs do sound very different of the other albums of Daft Punk.

inspecting via- Sony MDR-V6 and Grado SR80i.

and yea, @bigmac he is not exaggerating about "mastering" its so well produced!

oh and an idea.. if you have not taken a listen for yourself.
The songs are in the genre of Daft Punk, obviously.

in a 70's 80's romance love scene kind of way.
Lots of the songs relates to love really.

but the track "Contact" i think i have an explanation about it..

If you done some research about Daft Punk, they have a little story pertaining to why they are Robots.
that one day an Asteroid hit the joint they were doing a live set in.

and both woke up as Robots..
The song might be a "discovery" of an asteroid falling to earth. hence the track's intense procession in a seemingly dire plunge through the earths atmosphere.

until 2008 when Daft Punk found out they were "human after all" (electroma)

thats my take on an otherworldly explanation..

but it makes sense though.. to me that is..
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