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For Sale: HiDiamond 8 Audiophile RCA Interconnects

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For Sale:
HiDiamond 8 Audiophile RCA Interconnects

Will Ship To: US & Canada



Retails for $1600 after tax+shipping, these are one of the best RCA interconnects ever made using 4VRC® technology 
extracting purest form of copper mixed with graphite. 
Rarely seen on the used market, these are truly exceptional cables. 
Very natural sound with an enormous degree of lively presence. 

1 Meter long. Made in Italy.

Bought from the authorized dealer, used for about 100 hours with great care. 

Selling only because I am going to switch all my RCAs to another HiDiamond XLRs (Gungnir --> Mjolnir --> Emotiva).

$925 shipping and paypal fee included.

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Great looking XD !

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