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Hello All,


This is my first post to Head-Fi. Thanks for having me :)


I am fairly new to Headphones but not new to hifi. My home system includes:


  • Magnepan 1.7 speakers
  • Audio Research DSi200 Integrated Amp
  • Audio Research DAC8 hooked to a highly customized Mac Mini
  • Audio Research PH6 Hybrid tube Phone Preamp connect to...
  • ...and a decently appointed Linn LP12
  • Transparent wiring


I love this system - it is almost perfect for me sonically. Transparency, resolution, staging, accuracy. Easy and Musical.


After listening to a pair of Audeze LCDs playing through a Meridian Explorer I heard so much potential I walked out of the store of with a pair. I took them home and connected them to the Audioengine D1 I keep at work (with BW P5s) and was very disappointed.


So, I need a better amp. 


My question to you is: given the sonic signature of the system I described above, where should I start looking? Which headphone amps and DACs are closest to the sound I describe above. I am less interested in DACs since I can connect it to my DAC8 (though I would l love your thoughts there too).


I am interested in both portable (for traveling) and non-portable amps (for critical listening).


I have spent several days surfing Headfi, Computer Audiophile, InnerFidelity and haven't gotten much direction. I just missed the headfi meet in Seattle which I regret. Its too bad that most brick and mortar hifi shops aren't taking headphones seriously - its impossible to go out and audition gear like I did when I bought my main system.


Thanks for your insights,