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headphones for a noob under 200$

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I'm a noob to all this audio stuff and I was considering buying a pair of beyerdynamic dt 770 with 250 ohms. I'm would be using them mainly with my galaxy s3 and I'm not sure how well they are for smartphones and if you can recommend any better headphones (over ear) under 200$ that would be great.
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Aren't you worried about portability? or they are going to be used at home? 

250 ohm headphones need extra power, a cellphone is not enough in this case. You need a portable amp. 


What are your music tastes? 

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I suggest getting a portable amplifier, the best ones i know of are the Fiio E6 or E11. They will enhance the music output from your Galaxy S3. Concerning headphones, from my personal experience the best headphones under $200 bucks has to be the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, high quality stuff for people just getting into the audio world.

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im not wooried about portability all that much and i perfer more of a bass headphone and i listen mainly to rap, pop, and rock music.

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if you're worried about portability along with using it at home with a desktop I would suggest a Fiio stack. E09k+E07k. If not worried about using with computer the fiio e06 is great, the e09k is amazing. I'm sure the e09 non-k version would work great too.
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