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Should I buy the Phillips Uptown?

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Hey guys, not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I'm in a huge dilemma :-)


I have recently bought the Shure SE215 In-Ears (about two or three months ago), and I am in love with them. The sound is very nice and I really like them. My only complaint is regarding the difficulty that it is to put them on :-)


After buying an over-ear headphone for my girlfriend, I noticed how I miss being able to just put up some over-ears and how comfortable they are.


So, I am here to ask if I should buy the Phillips Uptown. They are on sale for £56, and I think it is a reasonable price.

My main question is if its sound quality is on the same standard as the SE215, as I don't want to get a really better headphone (I still want to come back to hearing my SE215s!).


I know that we can't quite compare between in-ears and over-ears, but do you guys *think* it would be a good buy, given the conditions that I mentioned? What would be the main advantages and disadvantages?


Thank you very much for all your comments and advice!

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Haven't heard the shures but the uptowns are absolutely wonderful cans, on par with my Fidelio l1, mdr 1r,etc. Theyre not tge most accurate cans but they have a nice sound stage and presentation. They're very warm sounding, and laid back. Best at the price point of $80-$130 IMO easily.
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Thanks for the answer Trunks159!


Is there anybody with another opinion?

And what about the Downtown? It's half the price of the Uptown (the gray one, not as pretty but I wouldn't mind).

What is the opinion of you guys?

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Nobody has got any advice? :-(

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Im thinking about ordering some right now... 80 shipped new.. 

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I have them right next to me right now and I'll be honest, best bang for your bucks when purchased at sticker price. It looks gorgeous, sounds pretty damn solid for a sub 100 and is actually very soundproof. Now, the downsides to these are that they don't have replaceable cables, which can get annoying. But at sub $100, as long as they last a reasonable amount of time then I won't be complaining. You've made a good choice. I've spent way more time with the Uptown than with my Senn HD558 which is up in a higher price category. 

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