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9th Calgary Headfi Meet! Sept 8 2013  

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9th Headphones Meeting in Calgary!!! Sept 8, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Furyagain we have a new time and were able to book the U of C again.  Please pm me with your details so that we can get as many people as possible.

1) Where?
University of Calgary
EDC 152

2) When?

September 8, 2013
Noon till 5

3) How many people?

1. Alphones
2. AgentXXL
3. Nailbunny7
4. Furyagain
5. Micmacmo
6. Scottiebabie
7. Semaj8james
8. Eddie c
9. 2000impreza
12. Gilftronic

4 ) GEAR
Gear that we should have in the meeting


AKG 702
AKG K501
Audeze LCD 3
Audeze LCD 2.2
Audio Technica W1000x
Beyerdynamic T1 x2
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm
Grado PS 1000
Grado PS 500
Grado Sr 325is
Hifiman He 6
Hifuman He 500
Sennheiser HD800 x3
UE 600
Ultrasone Signature Pro's
Ultrasone HFI-580


Earsonics SM3 V1 (filters removed)
Shure SE-215
Shure SE-530
UE900 (pinholes blocked)


Audio GD Ref 5
Audio GD Ref 5.2
Fiio E17
Schiit Gungnir
Violectric V800
Yulong DA8


custom SE OPT EL84/12ax7
Audio Space AS-6i 300b
Audio Gd Pheonix
Fiio E9 (older version of current E09K)
Bryston BHA-1

Pioneer SX-5590
SPL Auditor
Yulong A18


MacBook Pro 15" - iTunes + Bitperfect

Portable players

Fiio X3
iPhone 5
iPad Mini

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I am going to make sure I can attend this :D

Will bring iMac (Amarra Player), Schit Mjolnir, Schiit Gungnir, Balanced Audez'e LCD2.2 (Vegan, Rosewood)

If anyone has a Sennheiser HD 700, I would love to try that on my setup

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Count me in.


Bringing SPL Auditor amp. Audio-gd Reference 5.2 DAC. HiFiMAN HE-500's and AKG K501 headphones along with a V-Link 192 converter.

See you all there!

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Hi everyone,


we have hit a snag with the U of C.  I guess they did not process my request properly and we do not have a room there on Sunday.  I am trying to work things out and have also contacted the Audioroom to see if they will have us.  Worst case scenario is that we try to reschedule sometime in the summer because I will not be able to plan another meet for the next couple of months.  I'll keep you posted but I think we should try for August and plan a big meet.  So far 9 have confirmed for this one...




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We'll, hope we can get it worked out, because I already booked the time off work for it lol
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Originally Posted by nailbunny7 View Post

We'll, hope we can get it worked out, because I already booked the time off work for it lol

Sorry buddy it was a complete surprise for me.  I'm trying my best to work it out.  This is the first time I have had problems with booking anything at the U of C and it might be too short a notice for the guys at the Audioroom.

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Stuck working near Fort McMurray.

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Hi everyone,


sorry to do this but we need to postpone the meeting until sometime in August.  Sorry for the inconvinience.  Hopefully by the end of August we can get something together.




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it is ok  to be in august...


I have bee so busy these days especially since my baby girl arrived!


not much sleep these days and no time to enjoy my hobby,

but i should be able to join you guys in august

Have no change on  my gears ,


(Just spent 450 dollars on a stage 1 kit for my BMW 328, will be here soon)


(PS-1000, HD800, T1,  Bryston BHA-1, audio GD ref 5 DAC)

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August should be fine with me too. But I'll need to confirm. Thanks for organizing this, Al.
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Updates? I wouldn't mind bringing my AKG K701's, fiio E17+base amp to try out those sennheisers and HE500's... Mind u, I'm currently out of country, won't be back til aug 6, wouldn't mind driving down to Calgary (from Edmonton)
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A bit of an emergency came up, so I was was wondering if anyone here would be interested in a schiit mjolnir amp, audez'e lcd2 (suede vegan/ rosewood) + silver 10ft balanced cable. Pm me if anyone wants this before I list on the sale forum.
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Hi everyone,

Well we are trying to get a new meet set up for the last Sunday in August at the u of c. If you're down with that please pm with your gear and lets get this thing going. I will also be sending PM's to members that I already have contact info for.

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I think we should try the 7th september 2013 instead,


as 2nd sept is labour day

many people may go away in that long week end.



I think i will try to get a room for the september 7th

crossing my finger now.

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I just got a comfirmation on the room.

8th September  2013
booked for  11am -5:30pm

the meeting can start at noon.

Room:EDC 152
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