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Hi all,


I have a problem with a second hand Meier amp I just received and wanted to post up and see if anyone could help. I plugged the amp in this evening and it fired up as expected, however when I plugged a set of headphones in I found that there was no sound coming through.


After further inspection and a bit of fiddling with the volume control I got sound to come through for a split second and then disappear again. I have tried changing the gain and crossfeed toggles with no success. I also removed the knob on the volume control via the grub screw to check the shaft but everything seemed good there too.


Does anyone have any ideas as it would seem the amp itself is not broken but maybe something to do with the relay not opening to push the sound to the headphones. I can also confirm that the LED closest to the volume control (which I believe indicated there is a signal passing through) is NOT lit up. After wiggling the volume control around and getting sound for a split second it DOES light up.


Anyone have anything I can try as I really dont want to send this amp back to the guy I bought it off :(