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Fiio E07K with speakers, possible?

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Hi all


I have a Fiio E07K which I bought for my Sennheiser HD598. Now I am looking for some speakers, below $150 (Australia - prices are sometimes way different compared to other countries, so keep that in mind if recommending). I have read a few good reviews about Microlab, such as their SOLO 6C. I can get these speakers for about $140. Apparently, and it seems like the case with a few speakers I checked, Microlab's speakers are cheaper in Australia than the US, which would make it seem like even better value. This made me interested in them.


I want to use it with my desktop, next to screen, for music and games. The music I listen to is mostly power/symphonic metal - Epica is my favourite. The games are pretty much any genre, but more so FPS.


I also have an entry level sound card, Asus Xonar DGX,but I am not overly keen on using 'fancy' virtualization features etc. I am mostly interested in sound quality.


I understand these speakers are powered, so I would only be using the DAC of the E07K.


The SOLO 7C are about $180, would I be better off saving up for them instead? I read about one reviewer saying the 7C are a bit big/too powerful to use as desktop speakers, so he recommended the 6C instead, so I think it would just be better getting the lower model.


I do not want to buy another/new DAC/AMP.


My questions are;


1) Can I use these speakers with my E07K? If I can, I can get better quality sound than onboard or with my sound card.


2) Would I be able to add a subwoofer later on for added oomph? And what kind of a sub should I be looking for with these kind of speakers?


3) If I am able to use the E07K: The E07K has two audio outputs, would I be able to use one output for the speakers and the other for a subwoofer (If I decide to buy one later on)?


4) Would I be better off just using the sound card instead of the AMP/DAC? It has outputs for stereo and centre/sub.


5) Are there any other speakers that would be better suited/more compatible with my setup?

6) Is there anything else I should know before buying these?


Thank you for any feedback




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1. Yes i have the E7 feeding a Class T amp (yours has the amp enclosed in the speaker) and yes there is a step up from onboard PC sound


2. If you are using powered speakers, a sub with line level in/out would be good? More on this here



3. Hmm i use the L7 LOD specifically because i dun want to routhe via the headphone out of the E7 (yes there are 2)


4. As stated in #2 : no need for more stuff/drivers/etc if u get the right sub


5  + 6 Not sure of the used hifi scene in Australia but if you have access to used bookshelf speakers on the cheap i would seriously consider a T-amp + Bookies set up as well ^^

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