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For Sale:
FS: SVS SB12-Plus Sealed Subwoofer (Rosenut) (NYC Local)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

This is somewhat of an IC for an incredible, discontinued small sealed subwoofer in a beautiful rosewood veneer.


12" woofer in one of the smallest, most robust enclosures ever: 13.5" H x 13.5" W x 13.5" D, 40 lbs. It's smaller and denser than the current SB12-NSD and extends lower. Absurdly accurate, with incredible rear panel controls and equalization to suit any room.




This was purchased new from SVS about three years ago at $749 + shipping. I don't listen to my speakers as much as I'd like to nowadays (plus the rosenut finish doesn't match my black/stainless steel speakers), so I'd like to see if anyone might be interested in picking this sub up locally in NYC (10128). The subwoofer is a conservative 8/10 due to age (that's some dust in the pictures); magnetic grill, power cord, replacement fuses and original box are included.


3rd photo is shamelessly ripped from the review, demonstrating how awesome the rear panel of this sub is.


As with everything I sell, extensive auditions are welcome.

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