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Anyone ever dream of headphones?

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It's a strange phenomenon.

I've dreamed of things I want but when I put on a pair of headphones, I feel all the clarity. It's weird, I never listen to a song, just random audio, The clarity is so good in them.

I've been on head-fi too long
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I have.

nahhh. Sometimes you dream of the things you want. Pretty normal.

Too long? It's only been ~6 months tongue.gif

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I know that but when your brain reproduces sound It's pretty intense

Almost like a lucid dream experience
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Originally Posted by MellonCollie View Post

I know that but when your brain reproduces sound It's pretty intense

Almost like a lucid dream experience

Oh yes. It actually is an amazing experience... but it's even more amazing/odd when you put on any headphone and it sounds like it's live...

Had me quite shocked in my dreams until I woke up.

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Not really dreaming of headphones.

Once I was dreaming after I fell asleep with headphones on, I could hear the music playing within my dream. Just that once though, and the dream didn't last that long. Still it was quite interesting.

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I miss the dreams I used to have where I was listening to music on my headphones. In the last headphone-related dream I had, I sentenced my M50 to death by drowning. I guess Head-Fi was able to convince me that the M50 was overrated and I had to get rid of it at all costswink.gif.

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I actually did dream of headphone last night - CIEMs to be exact. I've had plenty of similar dreams but this was the second time CIEMs came up.


it was a blue pair of FitEars (could tell from the labelling and the shape of the indent outwards on the inside-facing part of the shell), that much I could discern. She said they were C435s but I got the feeling they were MH335DWs for whatever reason. A middle aged female wearing glasses gave them to me to try out, I actually recall the sensation of putting them on in my "dream state" quite vividly. But I kept trying to discern the sound that it was "supposed" to make and nothing came out, I was quite disappointed. But then the lady kept asking how I liked them so I had to politely nod my head and say that they were very good. 


Then I found a cupboard (because somehow I could magically teleport from somewhere right into my bedroom - although we could've been in the bedroom the whole time), and inside of it was full of different IEMs, ones I've long since sold. The RE262s, the MTPCs. I rolled them in my hands, then I forget what had happened after as the dream had ended a few moments later.


If it was any other person I would've said they had gone crazy, but these dreams actually recur a lot for whatever reason (for whatever reason, the MTPCs ALWAYS comes up). And I know for a fact I've already gone crazy :P My only regret is that I didn't get to hear how they sounded in my dream state.

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Electric sheep.
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Dang y'all need ladies bad biggrin.gif

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I...did dream about headphone...once.. And that is K550 and E07K... LOL! That time, the E07K wasn't EVEN out yet and I said in the dream "This is a very warmish amp/dac what a nice stack for the slightly cold K550!" HOWEVER, I didn't manage to open the E07K box frown.gif and...the K550's left earcup broke when I open it HAHAHAHHAHA 


That dream can also be known as Deja Vu! 1] the FiiO E07K turn out to be a warmish amp. 2] The next morning, someone reported about their K550 left earcup not working... 


Deja Vu...does happen to me...quite often last year... 


Billson :D

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