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hey, i am not familiar with customs too...but from the few u tube i watched,

it seems the jh16 is tuned to be more bassy...?

meant for artists on stage to hear the BEAT..? i could be wrong..

just a tot..better check before u place an order.

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Hey thanks, yeah I know 16s are a tad bassy but apparently more enjoyable.

For my apprehension on adding an amp, there are two main reasons. Firstly, I have experienced while playing guitar, adding multiple effects in series results usually in degraded sound at the end. The signal needs to be short and uncomplicated. Secondly, this setup is going to be used while traveling mostly, and i hate complicated unit or cable management. The thought is to get the best earphones and source and use as is for now, and later if I feel it's needed to add a good amp.

Okay, after deliberations and since research I am now stuck deciding between Ibasso and hm901...advice?

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there is one more player- the tera player


but it plays only wave no screen and you need to buy sd cards for memory 

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Ok so the confusion grows... Three players to select from... :-(

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Originally Posted by ChicagoNB View Post

Can I ask a dumb question - why the need for your setup to have NO amp.  There are some of the best sounding portable amps out on the market that are way smaller than the DAP you are considering.  Also, you can find many people here on head-fi that make custom cables and LODs to keep the compactness.  I use a nano (4th gen), silve LOD, RSA Shadow amp and JH13s and I can put it in my pocket and take it everywhere without fear of breaking it.  If that's your concern, I would read more posts and look thru the "Pics of Your Portable Rig" thread for awhile to see how truly small a DAP + Amp setup can be.  INMHO, buying the JH 16s and not using them with an amp is kinda like buying a Porsche and putting bicycle wheels on it to drive.  Like I said, just MY opinion.  The 16s do sooooo much that almost no DAP will ever be able to fully utilize all the 16s talents by itself.

you do know , the dx100 have one of the most powerful portable amp ever put on a DAP right? and the 801 and 901 have interchangeable amp module ?

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well can you handle only wave, no screen and limited amount of songs? if so the tera is really small and has good battery life and easy to swap sd cards (right now the 128 GB is the largest one you can use so it's about 150-120 albums)

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Thanks for the responses, still deciding here

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