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For Sale: FS: Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV

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For Sale:
FS: Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking towards upgrading my speaker system, so I think I may part with my W3000's. These beautiful headphones are still in what I would deem perfect condition -- no blemishes that I notice.

I am accepting offers for these highly praised, limited edition, difficult to find headphones.

The appreciation thread is over here:

Thanks for looking!
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could you pm please thank you
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could you pm please thank you
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Trade for HD800's?

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is your esw10 on sale? I am really interested
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Is it still being sold ? 

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Are these still up??
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Originally Posted by zorin View Post


So they are sold?
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The seller went A.W.O.L.  From the Urban Dictionary : 

AWOL : Absent Without Official Leave : A term used in the United States Military to describe a soldier or other military member who has left his or her post without permission (usually in disagreement with a particular order). This is one of many military terms that has trickled down into everyday speech among civilian populations. 
Example of use of this term - Private Johnson went AWOL after he received an order to join major combat forces in Iraq.
It means that this member of head-fi left his post without permission and probably is a deserter to be captured and jailed or shot at sight.
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They are still available. Go ahead and fire me a pm. The ESW10JPN is not for sale.
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