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Sony Media Go ,mp4 audio files

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Hi, when I first got into this personal audio thing, I had a Sony W995 phone (loved it)

and used Sony Media Go to transfer music to phone.


I chose the highest rez possible then that was AAC 320, I have a massive library

of these files, but looking at them using Windows Explorer they are .mp4 files not AAC.


None of my players (Nokia 8, Iphone5, HM-801,Studio V, HM-601) will play them


I have re ripped most of them as FLAC or WAV now but it seems a shame to delete them 



So can I convert them to "proper" aac without losing quality? 

Or is there a cheap player than plays these files? I would expect another Sony

machine to be able to.

Or do I just press delete?



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.mp4 is proper AAC.


If you have a player which for some reason can't read that extension but claims it has AAC support, just rename the files and change the extension. No conversion needed. Check out this article on how to do that quickly: http://www.howtogeek.com/111859/how-to-batch-rename-files-in-windows-4-ways-to-rename-multiple-files/


Basically just run a command in that directory that says : ren *.mp4 *.aac


Or ren *.mp4 *.m4a  since .m4a seems to be the most popular for AAC, and that's what files from the iTunes store are saved as I believe.

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Thanks, ill try that
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Ok, finally got around to doing this, and the file names have no extension.

if I right click on properties it is an MP4 file, I can only change what programme

opens it, (Win7 64 bit) 


Even if I rename it XXX.aac - it still won't work on HM-601,801, Studio-V and Studio-V



My Nokia N8 (no longer used as a phone but as a mini tablet!) loves them


If I convert them using Foobar it will degrade.

I have now re ripped most of the CDs to flac or wav but 

I still want to know.

It's a matter of principle!!

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