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Question about Audioengine A5+'s

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Hello Head-Fi community!

I am new here so if I posted in the wrong place, please move this thread but if you want to delete it(mods), please send me a message about it first. Thanks.


Now, onto the real subject:

I have a pair of Audioengine A5+'s connected to an Audioengine D1 using RCA cables and the D1 is connected to the computer by USB. If I change the cables, will it improve sound quality? Right now I hear random slight popping sounds in the background when I listen to music, and the staging and airiness isn't good enough for me. I listen to streaming music most of the time. Also, right now I am using Rocketfish speaker and RCA cables that I bought from Best Buy. I am considering  switching to WireWorld or Audioquest cables right now, so if you can give me an opinion on what brand is better, I would appreciate it. If you guys have any other suggestions, please post a reply. Thanks.

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By the way, I'm online most of the time.

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I doubt it, I haven't heard a difference going from 16 gauge monoprice wire with regular gold banana plugs to 11 gauge Canare 4S11 with rhodium spades/bananas.

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If the "staging and airiness" isn't good enough for you, have you tried optimizing placement? For instance, the tweeters should be pointed at your ears, whether you angle the speakers or use stands. Optimum distance is typically a triangle where the speakers are the same distance from each other as they are from you.

Does the random popping sound only happen when listening to streaming music? If so, could be the source. If at other times, too, that could be a Windows sound configuration issue.
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