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Testing headphones

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I have two questions:


1st What would be the best way to test my headphone sound to see if they need to be returned?

2nd Would playing any these sounds (http://www.eminent-tech.com/music/multimediatest.htmlon my headphones cause any damage to them? 

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1) What do you mean? Check if there's something broken? Check for channel imbalance? Check if the headphone suits your preferences? Have you tried sine sweeps?


2) As long as you don't play these tones too loud there's no reason it would damage your headphones.

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AS Xnor says play DONT play the sounds LOUDLY!  you can damage your headphones.  What you are listening for is any   Harmonics or vibration in the earpiece  .If the headphones vibrate at a certain frequency they are faulty .Can you hear clearly the tones particularly the higher frequency ones. Is the balance correct between the 2 with the balance control set at neutral  correct . Do they sound " out of phase" -instead of a clearly defined tone you get a undefined one.and so on.

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Have you tried these headphones audio test files?



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