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Laptop external subwoofer

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Anyone know where to buy the Saitek PZ09A external subwoofer? I have looked everywhere but it seems they have been discontinued, you can read up on the reviews at Looks like a neat way to increase the bass quantity that is often lacking in most sub 15" laptops. Also it seems that asus offers similar items however you cannot buy them seperately as they are bundled with certain laptops and it seems as though it would only work on asus laptops as it recquires a dedicated port. thanks

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Despite what trustedreviews says, I wouldn't count on that doing too much. Would be much better to get some inexpensive headphones that have good bass response, such as the AKG K81DJ.
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I haven't heard of or looked at that subwoofer, but in my opinion, it would be very hard to match a subwoofer to laptop speakers due to a large difference in sensitivity and crossover floor.


Anything less than 8 inches really isn't going to provide you with "sub" bass across a few meters of air.

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