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Hey there!


I'm Görkem and I am a gamer. I need help in deciding what to buy. My Logitech G35 headset does not work any longer and I need something new. I am stuck between the G35 again or something else. I keep hearing that a sound card + headphones + mic is way better than a USB headset with a small sound card included. I currently have a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H mainboard (VIA VT2021 codec) and I already have problems telling the software that I have 3 speakers (left, right, center) and a subwoover. With the Realtek software I could just say that I had a 5.1 system and cut off the 2 speakers on the back.

But this is not about speakers, this thread is about hadsets.

Since there are quite a few people telling me what they think and there are quite a few different opinions, I decided that I had to ask some people on the internet who could not just tell me what to buy but also why to buy it with some reasoning behind it. I only had two headsets that I owned (G35 for 3 years, Seelseries Siberia V2 for a few days), that's why I can't compare more.


So here is what I need (mandatory): 

- I need the ear-enclosing thingies on my headphones to be deep, because I have a helix piercing on my left ear and the Steelseries Siberia V2 pressed too hard on it and it hurt. The Logitech G35 was better at that point but still not perfect. G35 hurt after a few hours of playing (I guess it was the weight), Siberia after 3 minutes (piercing).

- I need my microphone to be at least as good and clear as the one in the G35 without recording any noise from other than what comes out of my mouth. I've been told that it has to be a mic close to your mouth, therefore somehow a headset mic. Is this true?

- I need a "microphone mute"-button somewhere (cable, headset).

- I need to switch between headphones and speakers without too much effort and without having to remove one of them. Rightklick on Audio and selecting the standard playback device works fine for me.


Here is what I want (optional):

- I want the sound to be somehow optimized or adjustable for gamers, I listen to music with my speakers or pretty quietly in the background while playing so optimal music sound is not important for me.

- I want my sound to be clear, I don't want a dull sound nor a jarring one. But with enough software I can adjust it anyways I guess. Still the Siberia Headset had way too much bass and I couldn't do anything about it with my crappy VIA software.


The reason I don't just buy headphones without the sound card is because the built-in soundcard has a poorly adjustable software. I can't even tell my software that that thing I just put in is a headphone and not more speakers... And I can't use the plugs in the front because they have too much interferences and make too much noise per default. I even get a corresponding noise when I just drag rectangles on my desktop.


The perfect Headset would be one with a somewhat similar design to the G35 but deeper ear thingies, just a button for muting the mic and a lighter construction. I don't need more buttons on my Headphone. Oh and I want a stereo headset that can reproduce surround sound with software. Headphones with more that two speakers in them are stupid. We have 2 ears, we don't need 6 speakers right around our ears. The difference in hearing a sound from behind or the front can be simulated pretty well. The outer part of our ears do nothing else than altering the sound regarding the direction it comes from.


Oh, I almost forgot: money. I want to spend at most something around 200€. G35 would make 90€, a decent sound card with mic and headphones around 120€-200€? I heard something about a mic that you can attach to any headphone like this one: ( ). Are they any good? I have a gaming board, the area right in front of me is empty, because the keyboard is a litttle at back.



If there do questions come up, please feel free to ask.


Thank you for your time and greetings from Germany!


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