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Hi I'm new to this forum and hope to borrow the brains   here if I may.

I got this sound card to use as the main surround system for a clients living room, there are 4 PSB speakers an energy sub and Polk center. I use an AMD APU Media center computer as the source located in a media closet. the Xfi  is located behind the Sony led TV and is connected by cat6 USB balun to the computer in another room. the outputs connect to a Shure DIY 6 channel class d audio amp.

my problem is whenever my clients turn off the Computer the speakers "BOOM" and when they tern it on the get three booms as the computer boots up.  their dogs have fits each time they hear the "booms". I've tried modify the usb to supply the 5 volts from another source at the amp, no good.  I tried disconnecting all power off pwr supply, amp  no help. as long as the USB is connected the speakers will boom. By disconnecting the USB before turning allows only one "Boom" but that isn't good enough.

Any Ideas guys? I'm at my end with this. The system works great otherwise saves a ton of power and no heat. power here in the Virgin Islands is really high so is heat so this is a must. help.....