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Question regarding running speakers and Headphones

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Hi all,


This year I picked up a pair of Beyerdymanic DT990 Pros and run them off my Littledot DAC and Littledot MKiii.  So far I am loving it.  The wife is telling me I need to get some speakers so when she needs to be able to yell at me she doesn't have to compete with my headphones.  I won't ever want the headphones and the speakers to be running simultaneously.  is there a simple way I can hook both of them up to the DAC and Amp or would I need to have one of them hooked up to just the DAC or PC?  Also, would switching between outputs be as simple as changing the output on the toolbar or would I need to finagle some of the wiring? 


I hope this isn't a totally ignorant question.  Please let me know what information I left out that would be pertinent to your advice.


 - Winflakes

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The MKIII has a Line Out, so you would require either amplified speakers or passive speakers and an external amplifier to drive them.


All it would take is connecting an RCA cable to your external amplifier's Line In from the MKIII's Line Out for the passive speakers, or to the Line In on the amplified speakers.



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I just orered these, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VAHYTG/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1.  Am I correct in understanding you that I can just run RCA from the output on the MKiii to the Logitechs and I'm in business?  Would sound be coming from both the Headphones and speakers or would the speakers turn off when I plug the headphones in?


Thanks for your response.



 - Winflakes

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Correct RCA right to the Logitech's Line / Audio In.


Warning from the LD Manual



Quote:LD Manual
Little Dot MK III Pre-Amplifier Use
Always power on your Little Dot MK III pre-amplifier before you power on your connected power amplifier as
this is good practice for any pre-power combination (i.e. power on components from upstream to
downstream). It is also highly recommended to wait at least a minute after powering on your Little Dot
before turning on your power amplifier so that the Little Dot’s tubes have time to stabilize.
When powering your system off, always switch everything off from downstream to upstream, i.e. first turn off
your power amplifier, then your pre-amp, and finally your source.
For best sound quality and lowest noise, first maximize your source’s output level without introducing gain
(i.e. to 0 dB), and then set your Little Dot MK III’s volume to a relatively high level. Amplification done at the
pre-amp stage will result in less noise than amplification done at the power amplifier stage (if the amplifier
you are using as a power amp has volume control at all).
One last thing to remember is keep all your components connected to the same ground, as introducing
another amplifier in a pre-power setup increases the likelihood of introducing a ground loop.


I can't say if you plug in the headphones the Line Out gets disabled or not, this is somthing you will have to test. Or someone who uses the MKIII can chime in here as well since the Manual does not say.



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