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DT770 Replacement Pads (Hear me out)

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I know that I can buy the normal replacement pads for the DT770s, but has anyone tried other pads for them?


I was thinking specifically of the HE- series pads from HiFiMAN (mostly because they're $10/pair vs $45/pair for stock pads).


They probably wouldn't work, but I figure it's worth a shot to ask.


I could always dye mine, but I'd worry about doing it wrong and ending up with black (or other color) rings on my head from wearing them...

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What are you looking for out of a replacement pad? (to save money, esthetics/color change, increased isolation, better/different sound, etc.)


I use the black Beyer gel pads on my 770's, as they increase the isolation, the feel is uniquely comfortable (albeit, a bit sweaty at times), and I dig the way they look. These do cost $37 though. If you're simply wanting black pads, Beyer also has black replacement DT 770 pads for $34.


While I can't comment on the fit of HE pads for the Beyers, know that they would likely change the sound of your cans. Especially since you would be using open headphone pads for a closed headphone. But you might like the sound change. Even the gel pads change the sound a bit, but I really like them. 

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I was thinking for a color change.  I don't want to change the material, since I quite like the velour pads; really I just wanted to know if anyone has tried it, if they fit, and how they sound.  Sound change is the least of my concerns overall, though.




I just found the black velour pads for under $30 on Amazon, so it may be a moot point.

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All black 770's look fantastic.... have fun

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Originally Posted by Bee inthe Attic View Post

All black 770's look fantastic.... have fun



After getting some wonderful plugs from yewaudio (see the DIY cable thread) I really want to make a black/maroon sleeved (removable) cable with the cocobolo plug I got and I didn't want the red and the silver to clash smily_headphones1.gif


Dumb reason, but a reason nonetheless.

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20 bucks says that Q701 pads would fit wink.gif

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The Hifiman pads use some sort of locking ring mechanism on the back, so you'd have to do some DIY work to make them fit. I feel that the Beyer velours are more comfortable to begin with, so it wouldn't be worth the money or effort.

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