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For Sale: Meier Corda PCSTEP

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For Sale:
Meier Corda PCSTEP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is my lovely Meier PCSTEP portable amp/DAC.  I absolutely love this amp.. so much so that it prompted me to sell my (heralded) Leckerton UHA-6S MKII.  That's a big deal b/c the UHA was my favorite portable amp for a while.. it completely squashed any desire to get another portable amp.. but I had always wanted to hear Jan Meier's highly respected creations.


Since moving on to the PCSTEP (from the UHA) and using it for two months.. I haven't regretted the decision one bit.  The PCSTEP amp's signature & technical performance is very very similar (perhaps even indistinguishable) to the UHA's amp (both do employ OPA209 op-amps.. but implementation is more important).  Both amps are very transparent, neutral, and detailed.  Where's the difference?  Soundstage: it's much more multidimensional & immersive on the PCSTEP.  My jaw was left agape, actually.  The PCSTEP's bass performance is also much more visceral and deep.  It's got a punch you just don't experience from the UHA.  The biggest thing for me was Jan's famed volume control.. you don't really appreciate just how awesome *and important) it is until you use it (then swap back to something with a less refined pot and get sad).  All this.. while maintaining the terrific neutrality the UHA is renowned for.


The PCSTEP's DAC is wonderful, as well.  Again, very neutral.. but with a delicate touch of warmth that adds a subtle richness to the midrange.  I feel there's a terrific synergy at play between the DAC & amp section.  Of course, you can use your own DAC since the PCSTEP has a line in port, too... but I often times found myself immersed in the PCSTEP's DAC/amp combo.  Jan mentioned he made some special mods to the DAC chip and squeezed much more performance out of it than what one gets from its more conventional implementations.  I preferred the PCSTEP's DAC to the UHA's DAC (and I was using the UHA's DAC off the coax input.. which yielded a noticeable performance improvement over the USB input).  If you've got an Android phone that's capable of outputting USB Audio, you're in for a treat since the PCSTEP works flawlessly with my Galaxy S3 & an OTG cable.  Why am I selling the PCSTEP?  Cause I'm upgrading to the QUICKSTEP... and solidifying my "Meier fanboy" status in the process.  LOL.


I am the original owner of the PCSTEP & purchased it directly from Jan/Meier Audio not more than a couple of months ago.  The PCSTEP is in mint condition and comes with all accessories.


-Price listed includes PayPal fees.

-Free shipping to CONUS.  Int'l buyers, contact me to work out shipping.

-No trades.

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Pictures added.

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