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Replacements for X10i's?

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Hi guys,


I've had the Klipsch X10i's for going on 2 years and they're starting to fall apart at the wire covers, just wondering what some suitable replacements would be. After something similar sounding and in a similar price-range, just with hopefully better build quality.


I'm considering the Sony XBA-3's which are currently available for $97 delivered which seems like a bargain, but thinking the XBA-40IP's might be a fair bit better with the mic and controls, but over double the price at $235.


Any other suggestions around the $100-200 mark for IEM's I should consider? listen to mostly rock/punk/metal, Thanks

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Monster turbines? regular, gold or copper?

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Cheers, will look into them


Forgot to mention they will be sourced by a Galaxy S3 and hoping not to use an amp so thinking the XBA-40's might be out then?

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