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pairing up audioengine a2 with a dayton sub?

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Hi all,


I've got a post a few topics down about needing a 2.1 setup for my computer.


I'm researching through a bunch of suggestions and articles, and I'm interested in a pieced-together solution.  I like the look and the size of the audioengine a2.  Deskspace is at a premium for a while and I think something small like that would be great.  Some larger monitors would be great, but the smaller size of the a2 is intriguing.  I would imagine that speakers of that size could benefit from a sub.  As $200 is about where I need my budget to be, I'm thinking that a budget friendly sub might be the Dayton Audio SUB-800.  I'm thinking that I might have a very passable and compact system put together with these two things?


How do you think these might play together?  Do I need something like a t-amp to run all this together?  Or would it be best just to run the source signal to the sub and then hook up the Audioengines to the sub?


I do wish I had a control pod or something so i could control master volume without using my computer, or something that I could plug my inears into as well.  Are there items that I could add on that would give me that kind of control/interface?



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With the Audioengine A2 and Dayton sub combined, you are pushing $300 on a budget. With A2, you are sacrificing SQ with those small drivers. I would suggest putting it all together for better speakers if you can swing it to go with something bigger like the Emotiva Airmotiv 4s.
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thanks for the input cel4145.


i think I found a bead on some cheap/used audioengine p4.  i think that if get those, and perhaps a t-amp, along with the dayton sub, I'll be a bit under $300 with a bit larger of a speaker.  I guess I could always use the volume knob on the t-amp as well, instead of what is built into my mac.  Does that make sense?


I love the look of those Airmotives (but I'm really trying to stretch my dollar) and I was looking at some offerings from Swan, but those dont seem to be available anywhere.  Thanks for the headsup on those Emotiva.


So, perhaps this?




with this sub:



and this little t-amp?



How do you think that would work out?  The p4 seem to be a larger speaker, but still not the size of an a5, or a reference monitor, so I may still save some room on the desk but keep some good sound?



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