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Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. I've been reading the forums here for quite sometime but refrained from posting for a while until I got a basic understanding on being an audiophile. I'd say I am slowly becoming an audiophile since the last 7 months. Since then I upgraded my in ear phones from a not too bad Sony to a Shure SE315 and then I sold my old Headphones which I don't remember the model right now but they weren't great but also weren't that bad either and got myself a Senheinser HD598 which I truly love, so to the point.


I went today to a store to try out a few smartphones as I plan to replace mine. So I did some research here and other places about the Wolfson sound driver for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It turns out the american version doesn't have it but it just so happen the one selling here officially (Brazil) and the imported ones (From Europe), which are the model I9300 have it.


There store, among others, had the S3, S4 and Xperia ZQ, which were the ones I was interested.


So I decided to give it a test. All I could use to test were my Shure SE315 that I had with me but I have to say I liked the sound of the S3 a lot. I only had one song to listen to but at least the S4 had the same song. In short, since I'm no expert, the S3 is so much better than the S4. The difference is so big I'd say it's hard not to notice it.


The S3 was still much better than the Xperia ZQ. The only one I could not top over the other were the S4 and Xperia ZQ, I'd say they are about the same. The sad thing is that I had to listen to different songs on the ZQ.


Also, so far my portable player has been and iPod Touch 2nd Gen. It has been good to me, until I started getting into this audiophile world, suddenly I'm starting to notice how it lacks in sound performance. So another quick comparison, the S3 quickly sounded way better than my Ipod, even when using apple lossless files, so I think I'll be going for the S3.


This is my quick comparison but I'd like to hear opinions from people here as I haven't bought my new phone yet and nothing is set in stone for now.