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Extract the .hex file from the link and place it in the root of AK120. Should update when you power it back on, IIRC.



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Ace. Thanks for your help mate!
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Originally Posted by hellobenburrell View Post

Hello all,

Having some issues with my AK120. The sound Is great, but some of my tracks skip ahead to the next song before they have finished (usually about 20/30 secs before the end). It then displays the error message 'this file format is unsupported, play next file?'. But weirdly when I scroll through to that part of the song manually I can listen to it, just not when playing from the beginning.

It doesn't seem to be the file type that is the problem (does it for flac and MP3) so a bit stumped. Anyone else come across this? Or can provide any help?

Thanks so much!


Hello, I also experienced the same issue, but only once, about two weeks back. However, after it happened for a given flac file, it couldn't output any sound from any other file I selected. I had to restart the AK120 to make it work again. Since then, no more issues fortunately, but I would like also to know what caused that.

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How do I delete a song I added to a playlist, there is a delete playlist and add song to playlist but I can't figure out how to delete a song from the playlist,  I downloaded and read the instructions manual pdf from Astell & Kern but the information I need isn't there, btw how do I change the name of the playlist? thanks

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Just swipe the song you want to delete on the playlist.
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