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Hello young chaps

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... forward track/ffw hardware button is down and rewind/previous track is up? Must be a cultural thing... wonder if an update can change it :-/

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... is just weird man... messin with my motor skills **freaks out**

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Still no news about the next step-up AK with bigger screen ?  


Just an interview from AK's boss 2 months ago and since... nothing !

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Best to be slow in pissing off pre-existing AK!20 customers I suppose.... not keen on companies that update too often and devalue their product range consistently.

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Originally Posted by bmichels View Post

Still no news about the next step-up AK with bigger screen ?  


Just an interview from AK's boss 2 months ago and since... nothing !

I hope its just more then the screen. A bigger screen would naturally result in bigger battery drain. To be honest, i hardly every use the screen on my AK, mostly operate using the three button on the left hand side for playback and the volume knob. The only time I use the screen is to change playlists.

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Hello. I'm brand-new here and I joined this forum specifically to ask a couple questions about the AK 120.

First of all, I consider myself an audio file-light. That is, I love great sound, I'm a musician and I have some high-end equipment although not the highest. I did buy the AK120 and I'm now a believer in the high res audio files available from HDtracks and other places. However, I do not understand a lot of technical talk and I'm very limited in knowledge about things such as spectrum analyzers, etc. and even what a DAC really does.

I received the AK120 yesterday. It came with some songs formatted and they play and sound great through my system. I'm having two specific problems with this device; I cannot find a way to load the playlist with songs that I have downloaded from HDtracks (although I did somehow make a playlist of the Eagles tunes I had downloaded from HD tracks) and when I plug my AK120 into my computer I can't seem to find a way to make any of the songs I have stored in the iRiver program download into the AK120. When I plug my USB from the device into the computer, I get three readings: charge battery, use as DAC, and use as removable storage disk.

I'm wondering if there is some online tutorial. I have tried contacting the company but so far I have not had any success. I will continue to try but I figured I'd check with so many of you who are versed with this unit.

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Removable storage device.... device will be seen by your PC/Mac allowing you to upload files through the iRiver program or drag and drop, although drag and drop has not included artwork and album title for me so perhaps the program will be better, as I'm assuming it will have a feature for playlist creation also and would let you know that artwork/tracks/tagging are in order before moving to the device.


Best way would be to buy a USB 3.0 miro SD card reader and use that to upload files to an micro SD card to then insert into the AK120. Might be able to use the iRiver program to do that also as it should see it as a drive (Format to exFat). Other way mentioned involves uploading to the drive on the device directly.

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Errrr yaa goe.... video.... http://iriver-plus.software.informer.com/


**Disclaimer: Informational purposes only. I have not seen the video and am not sure if it assist in answering your questions and would personally download the software from the iRiver site over any third party site**

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After posting this of course, having previously done at least 25 searches for Astell and Kern, I somehow stumbled onto their site which does have a download for a manual for the 120. I will download it promptly and hopefully there will be some answers there.

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Neat little magnetic stand ...

Just want to show you what I found when looking for a stand for AK120



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k3003, nice ... smily_headphones1.gif

and +1 for iPad or iPhone charger, i use them for charging AK and many other portables without a slightest issue. simple and convinient, just beware of cheapo adapter chargers.
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Would be weary of the damage this might cause to the internals of the device.

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You'd feel the internal battery/charge circuit get warmer that you'd like if there was an issue.

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I like the design or it, looks neat and all but you wouldn't notice any harm was being done as its not in your hand, it'd probably be on the dock over long periods of time unlike the devices it is intended to be used for.... would rather something similar that didn't use magnetics to hold it, AK's holder is very over priced for what it is and I would not go near it.



Or something, not very desktop perhaps... nice if something could hold  the DAP and an Amp.

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