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Originally Posted by lee730 View Post

Because "moar" is better. Remember the Hifiman 901? ;).



What the world has been waiting for, monoblock dacs. Designers with more parts bins than brains.

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this price tag is crazy eek.gif.  I think iriver really overestimated what audiophiles are willing to pay for what I expect to be marginal improvements in portable audio.

Here's to hoping that this thing is as good as its price beerchug.gif


...I could see this being the next Ultrasone Edition 10 though evil_smiley.gif

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The 'high-fi' pricing used to categorize the product as 'premium' segment is not justified in my book. However as far as I know the DSD reading capability is unique and the output impedance is finally acceptable for almost all products save some of the Sony BAs. This would be a product suitable for my needs at a different price.
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Pricing in Hong Kong is set at HK$10,800 which translate to US$1,385 approximately..........

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hifi-world.co.uk basically says it is pretty close to being completely awesome, but they didn't use a range of earphones to put it through the paces. I would buy one, but I'm pretty sure that would qualify as grounds for divorce in Vietnam. That is a thing of beauty, but with such a high price tag, it has buyer's remorse written all over it.

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3 OHM output? Not interested. Why can't iRiver just come out with a player with a 1 or lower ohm impedence?

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Sub'd and interested as hell but oh boy that price frown.gif

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The price is too expensive for a portable player but if it's can improved on the UI lagging of the AK100 and the power juice so can drive headphone, I think I might consider getting one.

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nice product with wrong price tag. IMO wrong pricing can kill good product, lets see how successful iRiver will be in selling this to end customers. for me pricing made it not worth because iRiver stepped into top notch category and will meet high competition from iBasso and the likes and Terra guy might be wrapping his hands too because Ak120 will be cutting the branch on which AK sat.... the only positive i can see is Ak100 sales since many who wanted upgraded to new model might decide for old Ak with mod.... i will be very surprised if they reach good sales with Ak120, simply put this time their strategy looks completely flawed for me.
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if my headphone has 16ohm. does the 3ohm OI will effect it and how? can someone??

i think getting the rwak100 will be better offer due to lower price. i still don't know if dual chip will noticeable improve the SQ (i just use 16bit/44k lossless)
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The DAC is like the HM901 vs DX100. They both use the ES9018 chip but the HM901 has 2. People with both have reported that the HM901 is better. 

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Boo, absolutely, i think this will be hair spitting between new and old model while doppel price for new sounds like an insult to intelligence.
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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post


Which begs the question................WHY?


Dual mono....

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The world will hate us, if it launches at $999....

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If it is $1000 I might consider it. Any higher and it is not really a good buy with the 3 ohm output and the Wolfson DAC. If they made it 2 ES9018 chips then...
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