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Shure SE846: A New In-Ear Flagship From Shure. Finally! (Impressions p26-28) - Page 3

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Originally Posted by Niyologist View Post

If the SE846 can trump the Sennheiser IE800 in the entire FR (Especially Mid-Range and Instrument Separation aside), then this will definitely be worth 999.99 USD.

There are already much cheaper IEMs that do, but that's OT. 


Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

My view is that it has to do with the market tolerance towards such pricing. No matter how much we rage over the pricing people will buy it simply because of all the attraction it is getting. 

There is something magical about exposure no matter how negative it is, if people are talking about a product it will just attracts attention and potential curious buyers. 

Well, I would imagine tolerance is always there, I don't think sales figures for IEMs price in this range are that great anyway. 

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Originally Posted by imackler View Post

I'm so skeptical about the three different sound signatures: warm, neutral or bright. That just seems such a weird way to sell an iem. Like Shure couldn't decide what sounded great.

The metallic nozzle (while it is not yet known to make any sonic difference) is what seems to be something they picked up from fitear, the filter changing is something they picked up from phonak/AKG. I personally like such design implementation, it provides more value  and option for the money.

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I'm a big fan of Shure IEMs, but $1000 is a bit much.  That's custom IEMs territory.  Of course, that's a retailed price...and most retailer will offer them at around 20% off.  So maybe around $750 street price?  Mfgs are cashing in their products that's for s(h)ure.

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The metallic nozzles are made stainless steel as well.

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Despite the high price, I am sure there will be a queue for this iem when it is finally released  etysmile.gif

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List Price:$1,399.00

Guessing $999 is the pre-order/street price then. 

But then again this is earphonesolution. Last year they had 20-25% off coupons like crazy. And in this case that's actually quite a significant drop. 


I can't tell too clear from the video as there isn't anything to compare with, but from eyeballing it, the nozzles seem thicker than the usual Shure/Westone nozzles, curious as to how tight the Olives would sit on those as they're already pretty tight on the older models.

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Originally Posted by Spyro View Post

$1,000??? WTF!

I will pass. Or just buy JH16 with twice the drivers for a couple hundred bucks more.

SE535 still the sweet spot in the lineup.

It's a stupid price for sure, but more drivers doesn't equal better sound.  I feel like IEMs have become a bit like razors a decade ago, where people were suddenly convinced they needed five blades to get a close shave.  After a while what matters is how the drivers are tuned and how the sound is shaped, and the latter part in particular is what makes this interesting to me.


In the sense that the technology will trickle down to reasonable prices in a couple years, anyway.  No way would I ever go for this priced as-is.

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The asking price puts these IEMs up against some top tier CIEM competition.  I'm interested to read the inevitable comparisons in future reviews.

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Oh how they do look very interesting, would love to give them a try if I could.

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Well count me in as interested...
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Anyone wishing to preorder these should note that the final price gets knocked down to $899 shipped, via EarphoneSolutions. No special code necessary. As you leave their page with something in your cart, you're prompted with a 10% coupon. Make sure no pop-up blocker is active, however. If you still can't get it to work, clear your browser cookies.

For the record, I'm in no rush to purchase/preorder these. I'm personally going to wait it out...
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I'm in Canada so will have to wait. Besides for $1000 I will have to wait and see lots of reviews first.
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Very interesting. I'm not really in the market --- went from the SE535 to the JH16 pro. But had these been out, I would have given them a hard look. I'm interested to see how they compare to customs in that price range.

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am just about to put in my order for a pair of miracle but this look interesting as well 
guess ill wait for some early reviews popcorn.gif

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Bitter anyone ? Maybe they have large "banc" accounts because they can spell bank.
Originally Posted by proedros View Post

another overpriced iem

lol , sorry i think i'll pass

ps : still there are plenty of people whose banc accounts are greater than their common sense , so i guess these may end up becoming a best-seller

oh why do the money usually go to those who don't know how to use them right (sigh)
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