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I got the Miles Davis Trumpet earbuds and they sound great. But the cord is really bad, as when it rubs against ANYTHING (face, clothing, hands, desk, you name it) you get "booming" in each earbud. (I'm using these on iPhone 4s)


Is this normal? (I'm new to earbuds) They have flat cords, and from what I've read online, everyone has an issue with these buds due to the cord design. Or is it normal because it's in your ear and other scientific explanations?

I've had to start wearing them like you would in-ear monitors (hooked over the ears) which I'm sure is NOT good for them, but that's the only way to stop the "booming" and keep them still/from rubbing against stuff. (also talked about here:


Another person I talked to said he had the issue on his iPhone but switched to an iPod and the issue went away.

Is this a connection issue where the cord meets the earpiece or would the issue stop if I wrapped electrical tape around the length of the cord? Has anyone rigged a cord to stop this issue? It's not a normal "round" cord, it's a flat cord. Is it the design? Am I screwed either way?

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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