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For Sale:
Fred_Fred 2004 RECHARGEABLE! 3 channel amplifier 6.35mm Jack LME49720 & LM6171

Will Ship To: USA

Hello, I am selling a brand new unopened fred_fred 2004 3 channel design amp that I just got on the mail, this amp was reviewed by ClieOS and was his top choice between all sub-$150 amps, it's a neutral amp, with enough power for hard to drive headphones, I bought it because I was planning to get hard to drive iems (ety er4s and Tzar 350) but I just decided only to keep my sansa clip and get some low impedance iems, I don't want to carry around a dap plus a portable amp anymore, in this deal I will pay the paypal fees and standard shipping, I paid for this amp $140 and I know I am selling it for $120, you will only save $20  but won't have two wait more than two weeks to get it  like I had to,  the box was unopened but I had to open it to check that everything was fine and that it worked, I used it only for one song with my monoprice iem I only turned the volume up 2 out 10 and the the volume was too much, it only was one song because I don't have hard to drive headphones and as I said before I decided not to get any high impedance headphones, the jack of the amp's headphone it's a 1/4 since it's designed for hard to drive headphones, the sound it's crystal clear and you can find excellent reviews about it, the price is firm.

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