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For Sale: FS: Denon D7000 Headphones

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For Sale:
FS: Denon D7000 Headphones

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,


Just like it says, I'm selling my D7000's to (as usual) upgrade to something even more expensive. I will also be selling my Audio GD NFB-11 for the same reason shortly. Sorry, but I am not interested in any trades, with only ONE exception: an Audio GD DAC19DSP.


The D7000's are in near mint condition, and have only two marks on them, as shown in the picture below. Sorry, I know, I'm a lousy photographer! They have only been used indoors, smoke free, and are spotless clean, ONLY used after a shower (yes, I'm THAT nuts). The manual, original box and plastic outer sleeve are included, and are mint, because I never used it. I always kept these cans in a hard plastic case.


I am well aware of the fact that I'm not active much over here, and there's nothing I can do. However, my ebay username is: mp360cs, and I've been on ebay and paypal premier for 13 years with a good 800+ transactions. I will cover the Paypal fees, and buyer will cover shipping via UPS (in the US), or USPS priority mail FULLY insured with tracking (International) ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS!! I am ONLY willing to ship to countries that USPS will allow me to fully insure the package to, sorry. I will ship same or next day (depending on time) payment is made via your chosen method. Shipping is from 07747, NJ, and I am more than happy to do a local pickup in North or Central NJ.


Email or PM if interested!





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What are you upgrading to?

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I NEVER thought I'd say this, but, HD800's.
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i wouldnt say thats upgrading, one is an open ear headphone and one is closed, this is apples and oranges.

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While that is absolutely true, this IS the for sale section wink.gif
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interested, waiting for pictures.

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SOLD! To smeand

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holy **** that was quickL3000.gif

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I'd say! Less than 48 hours after being listed they've been on their way to the other side of the world for hours already!! I didn't expect to sell them so quick! Now if someone can just decide they want to sell an audio gd dac19dsp..........
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ahahahah i'm looking for  d600 maniacs, in canada, and preferably within driving distance, thats how i got my hd600s and i only paid $260, hopefully someone will buy the maniacs and then realize theyre too bassy or want to upgrade to some astrono0mically audiophilic headphone, ;)

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