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Originally Posted by kstuart View Post

Soundstage is very dependent on the recording...


True, however his stated choice of music is Hans Zimmer. I suspect just about any recording of his music should demonstrate a noticeable sound stage difference, once he has acclimated to it.

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Originally Posted by Kdavis71 View Post

Hey, does this look like a legit seller?




I am getting paranoid about fake headphones and the box for mine is slightly different then the one in HiFiguy's unboxing video but that could possibly be because I ordered them from Japan so there packaging is slightly different or later date could mean different box. The picture the seller posted is what my box looks like. The headphones themselves look real. I don't think my headphones are fake but if there is any way to confirm it that would be nice.


Here are some pics of mine:






They look real to me. So does the Nike Shoe, the Steal Series Mouse, The Sony laptop, and did you get that dark side table from Target?

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Originally Posted by JeremyR View Post
They look real to me. So does the Nike Shoe, the Steal Series Mouse, The Sony laptop, and did you get that dark side table from Target?


I'm just gonna stick with the headphones being real because they look real, they feel basically how people describe them although they seem to be sturdy, they definitely got that comfort down, and I do enjoy the sound. It is relaxing without certain parts of the sound being a lot louder then others. Bass satisfies, I was worried about it at first but it is plenty bass for me. I'll use M50s for stuff with low rumbly. Hans Zimmer does sound great on these also.


The table is not actually mine, I was just allowed to use it but I eventually plan to get my own L-Shaped desk.

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I doubt there would be fakes developed anyway.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

I doubt there would be fakes developed anyway.

Yes, fakes would be of something a) very popular - the $30 Senn earbuds are copied by fake factories, or b) super expensive (fakers take $5,000 Bordeaux bottles and put $2 wine in it and re-seal it).


The MA-900 are very complicated, not very popular and sell for relatively little - so there is no incentive for anyone to fake them (instead of Beats for example).

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Yeah, I'm a little disappointed about Sound stage too ,


maybe is do whole lot better on decent desktop DAC than my iPod DAP ...

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The MA900's soundstage is great on a good source with great recordings. The soundstage is huge because it's much larger than a normal headphones' soundstage, particularly open headphones. You were expecting them to not even sound like like headphones. No they won't sound like speakers, the sound is simply larger than other headphones.

The longer you listen to the ma900, the harder it'll be to go back.
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First post on the site. I have been researching a lot and have been having trouble finding comparisons of the MA900 and the NAD VISO HP50. I realize one is closed and one is open. My use for them will be music(electronic, indie, rock, pop are my favorite genres, but i listen to all kinds of music), movies, and gaming(pleasure moreso than competitive). I also plan to use them for studying. Any help in comparing these 2 headphones would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I posted this on my gaming thread, but if anyone of you MA900 owners want more bass, just buy the Shure 1840 pads. You can a rumble in the bass that would make even closed headphones proud.
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That really interesting, how about Mid and High, If bass is Overwhelming too much, I think I will pass.


I don't want it to be Darker than is used too be .

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Oh my God...

i just receive the headphones and i try this video.


It's amazing, from 0.35 how you think all the sound engulfs you.

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Damn. You know the screws that stop the Ma900's ear cups from spinning located on the arms of the headband, on the right ear cup they broke off. How do I fix this?!
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How the hell did you break that? I'm not even particularly careful with my MA900, and there is no point of weakness that I see aside from the exposed 'rubber' of the extension arms which can separate from the headband if you yank it forcefully. Again, I advise on actually holding the rubber pieces and THEN pushing down on the cups if you want to extend the size. Don't just hold the headband and yank down on the cups. A surefire way to cause the wires to become exposed.

Cutting off the felt that the 1840 pads come with cause your ears to not press against the driver padding, so the mids aren't AS forward (since your ears aren't as close to the drivers). I think the upper mids may have become a bit more forward, and the sound isn't as thick.

Previously, I had left the 1840 pad's felt covers on, which further altered the sound, and made it much bassier and more mid recessed. The felt isn't super thin, so it didn't allow the sound to reach your ears unobstructed.

If you feel the MA900 is too mellow, you might like what the 1840 pads do. Also, the bass isn't super powered like it was with the felt cover. I think it may have reduced the upper bass a smidge over stock. Need more testing.

MA900 - Good
MA900 + 1840 pads = bassy, recessed mids
MA900 + 1840 w/felt removed = brighter than stock, not as mellow, potentially reduced upper bass (quicker decay too), mids aren't as thick.

The main downside is that vocals sound a little nasally in specific regions.

I think it will pair up well with Dolby headphone, since DH tends to warm up the sound, and the processing isn't about vocal tone quality.

So for ME, I'd say for non-gaming needs, I'll stick to the stock pads. For gaming, or if I feel any fatigue from the stock pads (unlikely, but sometimes I need a break from my ears resting against the driver padding), I'll switch to the 1840 pads. The pad swap is easy and quick.
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Someone sat on them... Now the cups rotate round and round.
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Well... can't blame the MA900 for that. frown.gif

Damn... see if Sony may fix it? Is it JUST the screw that needs to be put back in?

Any pics so we can assess the damage and see what can be done?
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