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The hd598 is a different animal altogether. Well, now that I think about it, they do share some similar qualities. Both are good in their own right. Funny, I sold the 598 after one week, but the ma900 was an instant hit with me. 

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Currently I don't think there are any headphones that do everything right, and give you a perfect representation of the recording.


There are some products out there that give you an interesting new view on what the recording sounds like - even though the product also has some flaws.


Someone who reviews the MA900 from the viewpoint "what flaws does it have?" -- like the controversial review by Lugbug - will find flaws.


However, I find that it has a unique view of how an instrument "appears in space" - where it is, and what is around it.  So, I enjoy using it, because I can find new things in recordings.


The Schiit Vali amp has a very high level of detail that also allows you to hear new and different things in a recording.


Coincidentally, both products have the same weak point - a poor rendition of "timbre" - the harmonics that - along with the envelope - determine what an instrument sounds like.   Some people do not notice this because both products have a strong rendition of the other aspects that define an instrument (the characteristic envelope and its place in space).  This is why - for both products - some people find the "mids" to be good and others not.


Both are excellent values for their low price, as long as you are not expecting a product that does everything well.

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Definitely.  I really think Tyll from Innerfidelity would like these since he likes warm sound signature, but overall nicely balanced.  That would lift the MA900 in popularity.

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I wouldn't be so sure, Tyll is really inconsistent. He likes some phones but will dislike a similar one, the Mad Dog is an example. I get a certain feeling that he endorses or gives goods reviews to help sales or so it seems. The Momentum on ear is an example, similar phones have gotten a dislike from him.

It is always a hit and miss with him so I always take his opinion with a grain. That said I enjoy his reviews and he knows his stuff for sure..The Ma900 is a great headphone, it can be a bit Dull sounding with lively tracks but all in all it is the best in the price range and a good all rounder.
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How do these compare with the Fidelio X1 in terms of sound stage? Which sound more speaker like and like the music is projected in front of you?

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I only briefly auditioned the x1 but as memory serves the Sony is appreciably better. It just has a massive sound sage. 


MLE might kick in his 2c...he owned the x1 for a while I believe.

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Originally Posted by Kdavis71 View Post

How do these compare with the Fidelio X1 in terms of sound stage? Which sound more speaker like and like the music is projected in front of you?

No comparison. The MA900 trumps the X1 on soundstage and projects considerably further out. That is the MA900s forte. The X1 has a good soundstage, great even, but the MA900 is among the very best in imaging and outward projection.
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Question about the ma900. Mine just arrived and sounds good but I can't get enough volume out of them before they distort. Does this improve over time or do I just listen louder than the average ma900 lover?

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What do you mean distort? What is it plugged into? The MA900 should be like most other headphones that should sound fine even at high volumes.
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I am using an o2. Any song with loud bass passages makes them distort. I'm thinking the volume is only around 100db and it is already distorting

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That doesn't happen to me with my iPod, let alone a dac/amp.
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Yeah, that doesn't sound normal.

it can certainly handle bass better than the SRH1840 I'm borrowing, which distorts if the bass gets too busy.

I think open headphones tend to be more prone to distorting bass compared to closed headphones.
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It definitely wont happen with an ipod because even at full volume, it wont be nearly loud enough. With the o2 though, it can get loud so when it does is when I get that distortion. It can't be defective though since both drivers distort at the same volumes. Unless there is such a thing as matched damaged drivers LOL

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What? Are you implying that these are hard to drive. 75% on an iPod is WAY too loud, 100% would make me go deaf immediately. I stay around 50%.

Isn't the ma900 around 12 ohms? They have to be defective. The MA900 sounds about as loud, if not louder than my SR80i.
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yeah, they are REALLY sensitive, out of everything I plug into.
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