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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post


Hey nice stand :wink_face:

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Thanks. The picture was mostly to demonstrate the dual exit adapters. :biggrin:

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Is there a time when you guys miss the lack of deep bass? I know we would be asking for too much if we have it all for $200 but just wanted to ask anyways.

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I'm pretty used to it with dynamics lacking sub bass in general, so not as much as I thought. But compared to a planar, yes. Still, the good qualities in the MA900 far outweigh what it's lacking.

So much bass is focused in the mid bass anyways...
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For me, it depends. I tend to listen with the ma900 a lot. When I use it for a while, I don't miss the sub bass too much. But when I switch quickly from the he-4 or hd650 the difference in sub bass is more apparent. 


Regardless, the Sony is a very good, musical hp. 

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post


Be that a trusty WRT-54G I see there? Glad to see those things still kicking.

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^^GL...yes, it's old school. But I love the open source firmware and it's reliable. 

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Mine died and I got something else, but my mom still has hers. I'll snap a seductive pic next time I visit.

Oh wait, I just remembered, hers JUST died a week ago. She needs a new router.

It's certainly lasted a looooong time.
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Oh god. I just bought these headphones. I hate spending money, so these better satisfy me. I got them off eBay for $180 + free shipping, and it comes with a 14 day return policy if it turns out I don't like them. 


I can probably fix the bass detriment once I get to play around with them.

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I wouldn't wanna do a bass mod, because that will undoubtedly mess with it's mids which I rather have than bass for this kind of headphone. Had a friend who swapped pads, that added bass but ruined the quality.
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You have to do more than just a pad swap if you want good bass. You'll see if you look at my little AD2000MKIV review down below (look at the pics). I've changed it since then, but the general layout is basically the same. 

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

^^GL...yes, it's old school. But I love the open source firmware and it's reliable. 


Ah, the best version! Easiest to flash with Tomato and DD-WRT. Amazing firmware. DD-WRT helped immensely when optimizing my network for gaming several years ago. Mine unfortunately was destroyed in a move. /tangent.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Bass basically becomes in line with the mids at around 50hz, with it's strongest point being at 100hz. Anything under 50hz is more polite/reserved than anything else. Overall, you can expect a very linear sound curve on the MA900 with roll offs in the extremities.

Remember that in 1976, recordings with anything under 50hz were only of two kinds - pipe organ recordings, and stereo demonstration recordings.


This changed when the star destroyer went overhead in Star Wars in 1977 (and it took years for the home technology to catch up), but you still mostly find "sound effects" under 50hz.  Certainly for gamers and movie fans who use headphones, and those who enjoy some hip-hop influenced sub-genres, the response below 50hz can be worthwhile.   But for most music, if the response is flat above 50hz, then that ought to be just fine.


I hope to be able to give you a first hand impression on that tomorrow with "Concrete Jungle"...

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Random question, is there any person who has posted a step by step how to guide for performing the resistor mod?


I can't really understand a lot of the guides that have been posted because the diagrams do not match the physical appearance of the network, but I do have a soldering iron and if someone could tell me step by step what to do (with pictures) I would really appreciate it.


I am almost thinking of getting a second pair of MA900s and performing the resistor mod on one just to compare the differences.

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