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So would just a #00 philps screwdriver do the job?
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

So would just a #00 philps screwdriver do the job?


it sure will

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The added copper for the - terminals..


I'm lazy did not completely take apart 1/8 connector so i just slid the copper wire under the sleave of the  1/8 connect.. Now my shrink tubing will not fit over the 1/8 connector.


I will need to take the entire connector apart to add the shrink back. I'm on the fence either to recover the entire cable with a thicker cloth cover or leave the way it looks with the cooper interwoven between the left n right terminals..


I'll be dam if take the woven silver out of the black cloth covers lol too much work..


Oh well it now has a tad more meat in the lower sub bass region.

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Originally Posted by I95North View Post

it sure will
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I see that you also own MD's.  I know they are closed but I am also considering them along with these MA900's.  Can you compare/contrast review these two in more depth?  And anybody else reading this who own the MD's and the MA900's can also chime in.


While I was initially intrigued about the MA900 for TV/Movie watching because of the soundstage, I would need them to serve dual purpose.  I see for music they are reviewing fairly well against some of the other more popular mid-fi cans like the Senns 650's. If the 650's were priced around the $300-$350 price I would probably already own them but at the current $500 price no way.  So for $300 I feel with the MD reviews that they can also handle TV/Movie watching as their soundstage is better than most closed cans per the reviews but music is more of their strength.  I could swing the extra $100 for the MD's if I feel they would suit my needs for both music and TV/Music watching. (TV/Movies will be through a Denon 2313 receiver, music through my PC using a o2 amp and a Music Streamer II DAC )


For reference I recently had the Q701's and enjoyed them but ultimately sold them as I felt the soundstage was too wide, too artificial to me for music.  They also lacked some bass for me as well so the MA900's may be what I'm looking for with respects to soundstage and an overall warmer signature.  I also have some Grado 125's and while these being open as well they do not do it for me in soundstage and the highs become too much for me over longer listening.  I still have the Grado's for specific rock music in which they can more than keep up with but for everything else I'm looking for another set of cans.

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First off,  you can get the hd650 from http://www.razordogaudio.com/ with coupon for about $400 shipped brand new in the box authorized reseller. Mention that you're a headier and you might get a little better deal. :blink:


The hd650 and ma900 are quite different. I used to think that the hd650 was about as comfortable a headphone as you could buy. It's not. The ma900 is much more comfortable. It's kind of like wearing a baseball cap. After a few minutes you just don't know it's even there. The sound stage on the ma900 just shames that of the hd650, plain and simple. The ma900 is like having a small pair of speakers in the form of a headphone.


Is the hd650 worth 2x the price of the ma900? Maybe. The build quality of the hd650 is markedly better in all respects. To call the ma900 flimsey is an overstatement. But is seems that way when compared to the hd650. You'll get a richer layering of sound with the hd650 and the ability to scale up with nicer gear. 


Compared to the MD the ma900 still holds its own. There are some similarities in tone and overall signature. But you couldn't have a more closed or more open comparison. The MD will isolate everything while the ma900 isolates nothing. The MD has plenty of heft while the ma900 has none. You'll need a good amp with the MD and you'll not need much of anything with the ma900 except a good source. Both are a bit warm and a touch dark. Both great headphones in their own right, just very different. 

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I decided to EQ up the treble to compensate for its deficiency there and find out how well that works.


That won't give it the Stax clarity I've known for a while, but for me, it certainly helps a lot in bringing out the sparkle I'm accustomed to.


Seriously, I'm enjoying the MA900 more than I should as a Head-Fi'er...

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I like the treble as is. But it sounds like you'd enjoy the ma900 better with the resistor mod. 

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MattTCG - how about your experience with the HE-400 which I see in other threads that you have owned (but not sure you still have these as they aren't in your sig).  How do the MA900 perform in comparison?

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Can someone measure how long the cable is on the ma900's? Mine is on its way and I need to know if it's lengthy enough to connect to my TV for gaming on my ps3.
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The cable is a mile long. No, seriously, it's like 10-12 feet. Definitely not less.
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It's 10 feet. 

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

The cable is a mile long. No, seriously, it's like 10-12 feet. Definitely not less.

That's perfect !! I needed a long cable anyway..
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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

I like the treble as is. But it sounds like you'd enjoy the ma900 better with the resistor mod. 


I always found the treble to be the weakest aspect of the MA900, albeit one that can be fixable with a bit of EQ.


I haven't bothered to attempt the resistor mod yet, but if I can bring myself to disassemble my set, it shouldn't be too hard. I've done soldering work before. I just don't feel like it needs to be done at the moment, since it sounds especially nice once EQ'd.


One thing I noticed is that your sig shows a lot of "dark" headphones, as people like to put it, whereas I'm coming from relatively "bright" sets. Personal preference always plays a role in this sort of thing.

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