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Originally Posted by Viber View Post

haha no lol i meant the album you posted, the distortion video is obviously distorted:D


It might be that  what i'm complaining about is what other people described as 'grain'.


It's like: 

Track starts with a kick - fine.

Kick + Bass-line + percussion - still ok

Kick + Bass-line + percussion + pads + synths = baseline and some of the kick are not so smooth anymore, like someone connected it to a guitar amp and turned up the overdrive knob.



Now i'm debating if to post them up for sale or continue to burn them in...


i think what you're describing is resolution. Or probably decay and / or speed.

It's a $200 headphone, it's as much resolution as you can get,


If you don't like them, don't hesitate on selling them. Or keep them in your drawers if your budget aren't tight. Some people don't want to deal with the hassle of selling stuffs, and i get that POV too. he400i is a good complement to the ma900. But i like the ma900 female vocals portrayals way better than he400i.


On female vocals It goes ma900 >>> dt880 > he400i. If only the dt880 midrange is a little bit more forward, i would have no need for he400i. But as far as sound signature goes, he400i is non-fatiguing and have unrecessed midrange, and that's the primary reason i put them above the dt880.

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Originally Posted by rovopio View Post


I don't have PoTC soundtrack, i just checked youtube.


If by distortion you meant like the video i posted above, there is ZERO distortion with the youtube version of that PoTC track. From around 3 months ago, i use this as a sub-bass rumbles and mid-bass punch test track (thanks to another head-fier that introduced me to this band).




Or by distortion you mean it's lacking sub-bass rumbles?

Well considering how long you've been on this thread, i thought you already did research going in, and already knew that the ma-900 is lacking sub-bass rumbles (and slight mid-bass hump). If you don't, well... now you know.


I think what you've heard is not distortion but sub-bass roll-off. If you're looking for sub-bass rumbles, you might be better served with Fidelio x2, hd650, or this other one i just bought, he-400i.

Off topic: I like Wildlight (mostly because of The Polish Ambassador, but still). I listen to them a lot with my MA900s. Uh, I have nothing else to add:ph34r: 

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