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I never had a problem with 'grainy' treble with the MA900.  I've seen that mentioned a few times.  I can say without hesitation that, on a good recording, the sound of orchestral strings is reproduced much more accurately and closer to life than with the K702, especially the treble component of that sound.  I know because I spend a considerable amount of time sat in an orchestra and amongst that sound.  It's actually the very sheer speed and openness of the treble that makes these headphones exciting to me.  For treble I found to be better than the HD598, HE400, K702.  I'm not going by graphs, I'm going by what I hear.  Many of these headphone graphs do not correlate with what one hears.


I directly A/B'd the MA900 with the above three cans with my brother, as I couldn't believe how much better, more open, fast and engaging they sounded in comparison with the price taken into account.  He agreed too.  It was very obvious to both of us.

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Originally Posted by Hawaiibadboy View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


That can has no sub-bass!!



Wait what???



tha fuuu??



ALL SUB-BASS...so much for the graph

*another can used as an impact v.s. graph because neither the ma 900 or 701 are gonna display anything because there is no impact*  I never mentioned that word btw.

(using a eq and an amp renders all but studio tuned and crap drivers potential beasts regardless of what a graph says.

So graph away...)




That part I put in red.....is untrue. It's a statement of untruth. I know damn well....very damned well what bass impact is and it's not what AKG do when I play with them and I play with bass a lot.

 Deep bass in a cup is not to be confused with feeling the thump/vibe on your skull.


I can and did boost the sub bass on both cans and if you honestly think 30mm of diaphragm area makes no diff in sub bass performance I am kinda supposed to be the one saying I can't believe I am having this conversation. Impact? Really? K701? That is not true.


Nobody has ever rec'd or suggested a strong point of the 701 was bass impact and I get mail all the time as I keep the Bass wiki on here and no...nobody has ever rec'd the 701.


Ma 900> 701 sub bass all day long. I talked about boosting sub-bass and you talked about impact. I wouldn't claim either have significant impact but the ma 900 can get down...way down and have plenty of bass for an open back. Neither can in this convo is or should be called impact bass producers.....impact??


This conversation is silly...your correct about that point.


Well, for whatever it is worth, I hear things like Mad Lust does.  I remember the K701 having better sub-bass than then MA900.  The Sony does have better impact - mid-bass impact, that is.     Neither model is a sub-bass monster...so, much ado about nothing?

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ma900 is designed to be so open (no seal at all...) that I think it's a bit unrealistic to give it leveled subbass without sacrificing other freq ranges.


to those who find sub bass really lacking with open headphones.....


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