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Sounds bad. Did you buy it 2nd handed and has the warranty run out? In case it hasn't then I think the solution is pretty obvious (send it to sony). Otherwise I'm not sure about Sony's service policy after warranty has expired. Grado will repair anything for $44 (my 325), Sennheiser would still service HD580, even if it's a dead driver. Not sure about Sony though, maybe someone here will know more about that.

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i have the ma900 for about a month now, and i'm having some problems with "cracking sounds" , more like some snaps in the left ear cup, i think it's the cable, does anyone knows what it can be? It's really annoying sometimes :(

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Since you have it in about a month, i suggest you go to Sony center before waranty is over. Sony customer care is excellent.
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I bought it from accessoryjack , idk if they are "authorized dealer" , i'll contact both accessoryjack and sony, the problem is that i'm from Brazil, and i dont know if "Sony Br" will replace it, since it does not sell this product in my country, only the ma300.

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It's worth a shot, no harm to try.
Do you think yours is international warranty?
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Or you might ask for help from a friend in the US, if you have one, I guess.

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Can anyone recommend a clip-on mic to use with these, other than modmic? Wondering if there's anything more affordable that still sounds comparable.

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