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Sounds bad. Did you buy it 2nd handed and has the warranty run out? In case it hasn't then I think the solution is pretty obvious (send it to sony). Otherwise I'm not sure about Sony's service policy after warranty has expired. Grado will repair anything for $44 (my 325), Sennheiser would still service HD580, even if it's a dead driver. Not sure about Sony though, maybe someone here will know more about that.

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i have the ma900 for about a month now, and i'm having some problems with "cracking sounds" , more like some snaps in the left ear cup, i think it's the cable, does anyone knows what it can be? It's really annoying sometimes :(

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Since you have it in about a month, i suggest you go to Sony center before waranty is over. Sony customer care is excellent.
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I bought it from accessoryjack , idk if they are "authorized dealer" , i'll contact both accessoryjack and sony, the problem is that i'm from Brazil, and i dont know if "Sony Br" will replace it, since it does not sell this product in my country, only the ma300.

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It's worth a shot, no harm to try.
Do you think yours is international warranty?
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Or you might ask for help from a friend in the US, if you have one, I guess.

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Can anyone recommend a clip-on mic to use with these, other than modmic? Wondering if there's anything more affordable that still sounds comparable.

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I've just ordered a pair of these from Japan on ebay.  I paid around $200 incl shipping.  I'm very curious about the open design.  I really enjoy the soundstage of my HD598s and am hoping these will trump them in that department.  These cans were on my radar a few months back when I'm sure they were around £100 on amazon, but I just read this whole thread and pulled the trigger.  It'll be at the very least interesting to compare these to my HE400s, NAD HP50s and old vintage K240 DFs..


It can take me a while to get used to a new headphone, cases in point include the 598s and HE400s, so I will persevere.  I just like their unique design and hope they become a worthy addition to my ever growing collection!

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Haha, yeah, I'll be very surprised if they don't murder the HD598s soundstage; it's the main reason I like the MA900s so much.

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Just got a pair in. I'd heard them briefly at a meet a few months ago and thought they sounded promising. So far the best combination is X-Sabre -> Black Diamond -> MA900. They certainly seem to change with different amps. The Black Diamond suits these much better than the GS-X2.

These cans do all genres well and sound like sort of a slightly less refined, but more bassy and less treble happy HD800. The forward presentation is as good or better.

The first thing I thew at them was something people said they should be bad at, metal, and it knocked it out of the park, IMO.

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I think these are a nice hidden gem, shame they discontinued it. Marketed as not needing an amp to sound good, but found it does scale up significantly with a better amp.

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Sony have a new headphone "MDR Z7" which apparently will be their flagship ($800). Also uses 70mm drivers, would be interesting to see how it compares to the ma900.
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Sony have a new headphone "MDR Z7" which apparently will be their flagship ($800). Also uses 70mm drivers, would be interesting to see how it compares to the ma900.

Liking everything about it except that $800 pricetag. Not really expecting that to change either, unfortunately.

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My stax 4170 should be here in a week or so and I will do a comparison with the ma900.
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How does it take distorted guitars?
I listen to a lot of noise.rock, stoner rock and shoegaze where guitars sound full and detalied. I'm afraid guitars will sound too thinny with these

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Absolutely not tinny. The song I linked above has lots of guitar distortion and sounds great.
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