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Just FYI, I borrowed a friend's HE-500s for a few days, and it has some nice qualities, but the soundstage on the MA-900 is better, and the drivers on the MA-900 manage to respond almost as fast as the HE-500s.   The HE-500s are flatter and the MA-900 has a little bit of what is usually called "grain" that are not present on the HE-500s.  The HE-500s have more micro-details.


But, all in all, I prefer the MA-900.  It's much more comfortable for practical use than the heavy HE-500s, and the instrument detail of its position in space that can be heard in the MA-900, makes up for the better micro-details on the HE-500s, so the overall sound quality is comparable.

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That's awesome Kstuart. I'm glad I picked a headphone that can compare so well with higher priced headphones. I think a headphone can only be as good as the recording and when the recording is good, the MA900 sounds damn good.

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The Fiio X3 pairs EXTREMELY well with the MA900. It takes the soundstage to a whole other level.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

The Fiio X3 pairs EXTREMELY well with the MA900. It takes the soundstage to a whole other level.

How is it compared to Fiio E17?

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Originally Posted by Kdavis71 View Post

How is it compared to Fiio E17?


IDK, haven't heard it.  I'd bet about equal.

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I just picked up a pair from Mad Lust Envy from the forum and have been finding the headphones to be uncomfortable (which is unfortunate because I was hoping to find them super comfortable).  Despite their lightness, I can't seem to find a good setting for the length of the arms so that my ears are comfortable but without the top of the headband feeling a bit insecure.  Somehow it doesn't balance on my head in the right way.  Also, I find that they get hot after just a little bit and I start to itch.  The issue might be the size of my largish ears.  By comparison my modded K701s are far more comfortable for now and they aren't known for their comfort.      


Any advice people have on finding the right fit?

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I tend to wear them a bit loosely. Also, the itch WILL go away. They are undeniably itchy at first. Your ears will adjust. As for the length... it took me some time to figure out that if I wear the slightly loose, it seats best on my head.
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I love my MA 900's and find them extremely comfortable.  I can wear them for hous and forget they are on my head.

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My only real complaint with the MA900s is the cable. It's not detachable and I am afraid it isn't gonna last me too long. It's got minor bite marks from like the 2nd day I even had the headphones because the cats were trying to get the cable when I let my sister listen to them.

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Bought MA900 a few days ago, and I have to say I think MA900 fantastic, all-round, great for gaming, watching movies and listening music ... all i could ask for a lounge living room headphone.

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Wow, i just discovered this thread, didn't knew there is an appreciacion thread for ma900. I had them too and i really loved them. I was sure, that i'd keep them. The style, the comfort, the sound, everything was almost perfect. For me, the MA900 is Sonys best headphone model so far . . . BY FAR. Soundtage and comfort -wise ~ there are not many other comparable phones. But there are some ;D


I tested the Sonys VS the AKG K400/401/500/501/601/Q701. As you all may have discovered by now, they all sound pretty similar to the sonys. That's very rare, because the AKG sound is pretty special in the headphone-world imo. So here are my discoveries and the reason, why i parted with my MA900. I will make this short and painless:


Sony MA900 VS AKG K601 & Q701:


The AKGs have slightly more and better-textured bass and reveal more details, not much more, but it's easy to hear the difference. But this is so easy to fix, just raise the treble  a little with with an EQ. However, the Sonys have a much better Soundstage and are much, much , MUCH more comfortable. For me, this was a clear win for the MA900.



Sony MA900 VS AKG K400/K401/500/501:


The K401, 500 & 501 sound pretty similar. Howewer, they have more details and less bass than K601 & Q701, even a little bit less bass than the MA900 ~ that makes them sound a bit thin and harsh in comparison. The K501 is something special on it's own, it's my favorite can for Classic Music, but the K501 is even weaker in the bass. Soundstage of all of them iss about equal, but the K501 stands out because of his magical Mids . . . if it wouldn't be so weak with its bass . . . it would be my fave  :-/  So if you like bass, the sony are better. If you don't need the bass and you want soundstage and details, the AKGs are clearly better. Overall i think, the sony are the better allrounders here, by far. Comfort is still better on the Sonys, but the vintage-AKGs are reaaally comfortable. The Pads are just a little bit too stiff, compared to the Sonys and the K400-EPs.



Sony MA900 VS AKG K400-EP (with the Rubber Headband):


Why haven't I listed the K400-EP along with the other Vintage-Models above you ask? Well here is the point, which really surprised me. I really like the K400-EP, it's something special. Its easilly my favorite AKG along with the K340 and the reason, why i bought the MA900 was . . . because i was curious . . . that the MA900 could maybe.......possibly supersede the K400-EP? I 've read all the stuff about the MA900 and Soundstage . . . was that even possible? A Sony Headphone with a wide soundstage? Honestly, soundstage is not Sonys turf, thats why i was sceptical. But the MA900 really delivered, delivered really good.

So i compared them both . . . wow! They sounded almost identical! The bass is about the same but the K400s have better texture in it. Soundstage - wise they're also almost the same, the K400 is a little bit wider but only by a margin. So why is the AKG the winner here? Because of the details! Anyone here had the wish, that the sony could reveal a little bit more details? The K400-EP sounds like a more detailed MA900. Take an EQ and raise the treble a little bit on the MA900 . . . . and they sound nearly identical. Comfort-wise, they are even. My ears have even more space in the K400-EP than in the Sonys. The EP has very comfortable earpads, even more comfortable than the MA900s. They're both made of a kinda textile-like stuff. Even the clamp is about the same. Maybe thats another reason, why they sound so similar? they both do not only sound airy, they feel airy because of the light and fluffy construction.


AKG K400-EP wins this battle for me. Comfort is about the same, sound is better because its not only on par with the Sony, it offers more details and texture and has everything that the Sonys delivers and more. The AKG is super-cheap nowadays (50-60 Dollars), especially compared to the sonys.  Pads? The K400 and all the other Vintage AKGs sound even better when the pads are worn-out. And if you need new ones, they are available/replacable and cheap to get. Replacement for the Sonys? None? Especially after they were discontinued.





I got my sealed MA900 for 160 Dollars, a bang for the Buck i would say. Yet Sold them. Because the K400-EP really is a good alternative for anyone, who wants a more refined/detailed MA900 while keeping the comfort . . . and for less money. You can get similar results by raising the treble with an EQ on the sonys. The AKGs will still sound a bit more refined.

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Great thread, folks!!


Made me curious enough to get one.  :beyersmile:


The MA900 is very nice indeed!!  Great soundstage, very sweet mids, and engaging bass!  It sounds awesome from my phone (HTC One), which has no problems to drive it.  However, it sounds a bit dry out of most of my desktop amps.  Great synergy only with my Shanling PH300, where is sounds really warm, yet detailed... almost magical. :L3000:


The only drawback I can pinpoint is that it sounds a bit grainy with some recordings.  Maybe this will get better after break in?


A wonderful value for the money!  Get them now before they are gone... :-)

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Got my ATH-M50 back today and I do enjoy the change. That sub-bass is addictive and the Sony MA900 has no weight or body in the bass in comparison, it just has a nice punch.

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Fantastic sound coming from the MA900 from every genre. Quite neutral tbh.
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@Kdavis71:  Maybe you feeling of no body with the MA900 is related to the amp?  My Shanling gives it proper body.

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